5395 Chancellor Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6T 1E2

Telephone: 604-713-5350
Fax: 604-713-5353

Principal: Kathy Pickford; Vice-Principal: Jonathan Weresch;
Co-PAC Chairs: Tim Dow, Hazita Harun

Hello All Parents and Guardians,

Welcome back to University Hill Elementary School for the 2011/12 school year.

School begins on Tuesday, September 6th, 2011 at 9:00 am. Students should go to their old classes at the bell. The children will only be in school for about 45 minutes on this day. This year class lists will NOT be posted on the school windows before the first day of classes. Students will return to last year’s classes for attendance. New intermediate (Gr. 4 – 7) students are asked to go to the Multi Purpose Room. New primary (Gr. K – 3) students, please go to the library. Students will be dismissed at 9:45 am.

Class lists for 2011/12 will be posted on the school’s front windows at the end of the day on September 6th. Students will be able to see their new class placements and go to their new classes on the morning of September 7th.

Here is a quick reminder of some special dates coming up:

  • Tuesday, September 6 – Bus program registration begins.
  • Friday, September 9 – Deadline for bus registration forms.
  • Wednesday, September 14 – Bus Program will begin.
  • Thursday, September 22 – Mark your calendar for Meet the Staff night.
  • Monday, September 26 – Non instructional day – NO SCHOOL
  • Check your child’s backpack for important notices from the school after their first day at school including a registration form for the Lunch Program.


As most of you know all too well, car traffic going into UHill Elementary can get ugly. There are more than 500 STUDENTS but only 11 PARKING SPOTS at the school. The chances are very high that you will NOT GET one of these 11 parking spots. Please WALK or BIKE with your child to school until the bus program starts.

For those who will be walking or biking to school, please remember the following:

  • Cross Chancellor Blvd only at the traffic lights.
  • Keep your child on the sidewalk when waiting to cross at the lights.
  • Do not cross the road east of the traffic lights over to the school fields. Keep walking along the sidewalk into the school.
  • If you are arriving by bike, walk your bike when you reach the traffic lights.
  • Wear a helmet – it is the law – and please do not forget to lock your bikes at the bike rail outside the school.
  • There is a bike parking spot available for EVERYONE who rides their bike to school.

If you do need to drive a car to school, plan to leave home earlier than usual. There will be a long lineup of cars waiting to make that left turn into the school. It can take 15 minutes or more for you to reach the intersection to make that left turn. Due to the traffic backups, walking or biking to school is likely to be faster than driving.

Once in the drop-off loop, there is absolutely no parking directly in front of the school: DROP-OFF ONLY. You can not get out of your car and you must keep moving after your child is out of the car. Please be considerate of the other cars behind you waiting to get into the loop.

If you need to park your car to accompany your child into the school building, arrangements have been made with UEL’s parking enforcement to allow parents to park their cars on Acadia Road north of Chancellor Blvd from 7:30 am to 11:00 am on Tuesday, Sept. 6th and Wednesday, Sept. 7th ONLY.

  • You must park ONLY in areas designated “No Parking Except with Permit”.
  • You must not park on the “No Parking” side of the street.
  • Please remember that all other parking laws apply.
  • Do not park too close to Chancellor Boulevard, nor blocking view of those entering/exiting Acadia Road.
  • Do not block driveways.
  • Do not park in front of fire hydrants.
  • There is no parking on Chancellor Blvd. anywhere.
  • UEL’s parking enforcement will be on alert. If you do not follow these rules, your car will get towed!

Elementary School Supplies

The Vancouver School Board offers the service to parents to purchase basic school supplies in bulk wholesale prices and to pass the cost savings on to families. The request for School Supply Fees for 2011/12 will be sent out in September. In past years it has been $25/student and $12.50/half day Kindergarten student. This fee covers the cost of basic school supplies used for students’ personal use such as paper, writing tools, rulers, scissors, glue sticks, erasers, paint sets and exercise books. Supplies are provided for the full year except where excessive loss and replacement becomes unreasonable. The advantages for families of the Board providing student supplies are: (1) convenience (2) cost saving and (3) standardization of supplies used in the classroom.

As a reminder, the Vancouver School Board will not deny a child access to the school supplies required for his or her educational program because of financial hardship. Parents and Guardians who would like to request to postpone payment of the supplies fee or require the supplies fee to be waived for the current school year, should contact their school Principal directly at the school or in writing.

Parent Advisory Council (PAC)

Parent Advisory Council meetings are open to all parents and guardians of U-Hill Elementary children. Please attend our monthly PAC meeting to make your opinions heard and to contribute to improvements at our school. PAC Meetings will be held on the following dates this year:

  • October 17, 2011
  • November 21, 2011
  • January 23, 2012
  • February 20, 2012
  • April 16, 2012
  • May 14, 2012 – Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Meetings are held Monday mornings and usually run from 9:00 am to 10:15 am in the Staff Room unless otherwise noted. Meeting minutes are posted at the PAC website. Come join us! We need your energy and enthusiasm!

On behalf of the school and the PAC, welcome back!

Tim Dow, Hazita Harun

Co-chairs, University Hill Elementary PAC

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  3. In the BODY of the email (just text, no signature, all lower case), type: subscribe uhill-l
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