On behalf of the staff, I hope that all families had a restful and fun-filled vacation and that our students are returning happy, excited and ready to learn. We would like to extend a special welcome to families who are new to the school.

We return to school this year looking forward to a very productive 2008/09 school year. Our School Plan continues to focus on literacy develqpment for all students and we look forward to even more staff and student growth in this area.


Tuesday, September 2nd School opens
Wednesday, September 3rd 11:45 Dismissal for staff BceSIS training
Wednesday, September 10th 11:45 Dismissal for staff BceSIS training
Thursday, September 18th Meet the Staff Evening
Friday, September 19th Non-Instructional Day- Students do not attend school on this day.
Friday, September 26th Terry Fox Run
Monday, September 29th Individual Photo Day

Just a Word about classes
The school staff has spent many hours reviewing data from teachers, parents, and children themselves to put together the classes for 2008/09. All input was carefully considered and we believe the very best decisions have been made regarding student placement, considering individual needs and the collective composition of classes.

Handbook for Families
We have produced a handbook to be given to every child this week. This reference is intended to answer questions you may have about the school and provide information on the school’s many programs and activities. We will update the handbook annually, so please let us know if you have suggestions for future editions. We will likely produce a student directory (names and phone numbers of students with parent permission), at a later date.

Mailing List
University Hill Elementary also has an optional emailing list for families. In order to register, please

  1. Send an email to:maiordomo@cs.ubc.ca
  2. Leave the SUBJECT empty
  3. In the BODY of the email (just text, no signature, all lower case), type subscribe uhill-l (letter ‘l’)

Lunch Program
Lunch program will begin on Thursday, September 4th.
School Fees
The office will send home a separate memo about school fees. Please note that basic supplies for the entire year are included in that amount, although individual teachers may make requests for items specific to their classrooms or programs.

Ms. Faidra Hubbard is joining the school as a Grade 4/5 and resource Team teacher and Mr. Craig Polzen will be teaching Grade 7 with Barry Wright.
Term Absence from School
It is the recommendation of the Vancouver Board of Education that after twenty days of absence from school for non-medical reasons, a spot can no longer be held for a student. While many Vancouver schools have the luxury of available space, University Hill Elementary has a lack of space and an extensive waiting list. For these reasons, and in fairness to those students waiting for placement, it is necessary for us to withdraw, as a student of University Hill, any child who is absent from school for more than twenty consecutive days for non-medical reasons. We understand that there may be exceptional circumstances and encourage you to contact the school if your child will be away for any extended period time.

Information About Twinject Epinephrine Auto Injectors
On July 11 th, 2008, Health Canada issued an Advisory warning of reported mal functions with the Twinject auto-injector that may pose serious health risks to users.
Twinject is a prefilled, single use automatic injector containing an epinephrine solution that is used for the emergency treatment of severe allergic reactions, including anaphylaxis. Since Twinject was first marketed in Canada on August 1, 2005, Health Canada has received 30 reports of malfunctions associated with the use of either the 0.3 mg or the 0.15 mg dosage strength. The following are the three main types of malfunctions that were reported:

  1. the needle did not fire with the first dose
  2. the plunger did not depress when attempting to administer the second dose the needle was bent or cracked.

In some cases, the auto injector had a combination of malfunctions and did not deliver any drug.

If patients are concerned about the use of the Twinject auto injector, they are encouraged to speak with their doctor or pharmacist.

Parking Regulations
Please note that the loop area directly in front of the school is a NO PARKING zone. You may not get out of your car in this area. Children on foot must have clear visibility in this area and cars stopped there must be able to move forward as children are picked up. We appreciate your support in keeping the area safe for our children.

Bus Program
Bus information will also be going home today. A reminder that registration will be on a first-come first-serve basis. Registration forms and payment (payable to UBC) must be returned to the school by September 7th. For up to-date information about the program, please visit the website:

Student Insurance Applications
The Vancouver District Parents Advisory Council, has recommended that Industrial Alliance Pacific Life Insurance Company be the provider of 2008/09 Student Accident Insurance Plan, lAP Kids Plus, for the Vancouver School district for September 2008. Board policy JHA is supportive of the DPAC approved plan to provide accident insurance coverage to students, and that schools cooperate in the distribution of relative information.
This coverage is not restricted to school time, but covers accidental injuries, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 12 months a year. This insurance is voluntary on the part of parents, but as the school district does not carry accident insurance for students, any payment would be made by our insurers only where there is negligence on the part of the school and/or district. ACCIDENTS HAPPEN!! Just because someone is hurt during a school activity does not mean that the school district is responsible or liable.

Highlights of some of the features of the lAP Kids Plus accident insurance coverage, which may be beneficial to families

  • as a supplement to provincial or private health coverage, which may have deductibles or maximums
  • who do not have coverage for dental, physiotherapy, chiropractic or other services which are no longer covered by Be Medical
  • who have not been resident in B.C. long enough to qualify for medical coverage.

Details of the coverage are in the enrolment forms which are currently being distributed to
all students. Enrollment information and claim forms are available on line at