Friday, October 7 District Closure Day –students do not attend school this day
Monday, October 10th Thanksgiving. Students do not attend school on this day.
Monday, October 17th PAC Meeting 9:00 am
Tuesday, October 18th 2:00 Dismissal–Reporting Conferences– CANCELLED
Wednesday, October 19th 2:00 Dismissal–Reporting Conferences – CANCELLED
Friday, October 21st Non Instructional Day
Monday, October 31st Hallowe’en


This year, University Hill was fortunate to be able to have children placed in classes on the second day of school. This year we are organized in 19 divisions, including two All Day Kindergarten and several multi-age classrooms. We have an eight member Resource Team which works hard to support the needs of our ESL, LAC and Special Needs children. Our teacher librarian works collaboratively with staff to support literacy development and to provide students with experiences that integrate research, study and technology skills into the curriculum.


University Hill Elementary also has an optional emailing list for families. The newsletter is distributed each month through this email list. In order to register, please . . .

1. Send an email to:
2. Leave the SUBJECT empty
3. In the BODY of the email (please use normal text, no font and no signature),
type this one line below (note: uhill-l (lower case ‘l’)
subscribe uhill-l

This year we strongly recommend that parents register for the emailing list as it is a major source of information distribution.


A big thanks goes to our staff and School Planning Council for their thorough review of programs and progress toward last year’s goals. After much discussion, the decision has been made to continue with our literacy goal for 2011/12.

To improve student literacy with an emphasis on those learners struggling with reading and writing development we will continue to examine student progress and make plans for improved practice and student growth in these areas. Our primary focuses will be on strategies and practices aimed at improving writing development in students – especially those struggling – throughout the grades.


Your child(ren) have recently brought home several important forms from the school office. It is essential that we have accurate up-to-date information for all of our students. If you have not already done so, please complete each of these forms. It is particularly important to fill in all missing information and make any required changes on your child(ren)’s Emergency Contact and Verification form. Please return any outstanding forms to the school as soon as possible.


This year we are once again placing an emphasis on student organization and responsibility. In order to assist in this effort, most students in grades 1 through 7 has a planner. You can help your children use their planners and build these skills by:
 familiarizing yourself with the format of the planner
 making certain that your child(ren) use the planner daily
 checking to see that your child(ren) bring the planner home each evening and return to school with it each morning
 helping your child(ren) record and check their school activities in the planner


A year ago, parents of U-Hill were surveyed to find ways to improve the School playground, and these findings along with a number of ideas stemming from this input were presented by the Playground Interest Group to the Parent Advisory Council for consideration. We are happy to report that as a result of the support of the PAC, the Teachers, the Administrators, and the School Board, at the start of this new school year we have had the successful launch of the Peaceful Playgrounds Project. Children and Teachers have been outside using the new painted games on the playground as part of their recess, lunch and curriculum activities. The Teachers incorporated it into their first Professional Development Day on September 26th and will be rolling out the equipment, official game rules and playground etiquette that will incorporate the Peaceful Playground principles into our School. We anticipate that as these principles become part of our School culture, we will see our children more active and having more fun, with fewer injuries and armed with better coping skills for dealing with school yard confrontations. Currently, there are 60 people from the School doing online training to understand the requirements of safe Playground Supervision which further raises the awareness of the importance of playground safety for our children. The feedback to date includes comments on the laughter that emanates from the schoolyard during class time as children are outside learning the new games, and the accessibility of these new games for students with mobility issues who are able to incorporate it into their daily activities. Everyone is invited to the official launch of the Peaceful Playground next Monday, October 3rd at 9am in the gym when Teachers will share more details of the games and rules with the children. For more information on Peaceful Playgrounds, please visit
One premise of the Peaceful Playground Program is the Playground Etiquette which teaches children responsibility for their own behavior. This is a complement to the School Behavior Guidelines of Kindness, Safety and Respect and is embedded in a few simple guiding principles that are easy to remember, and will help the children have as much fun as possible on the playground. Parents are invited to review these with your children as you discuss the new games and activities that they are learning:
You Can’t Say You Can’t Play
Everyone is encouraged to play all of the games. Just make sure that if there are a lot of kids wanting to play a particular game that a safe wait line is formed and that everyone gets a turn.
No Do-Overs
In order to keep the games fun, fair, and moving at a brisk pace so that everyone has a turn, children should make their best effort on each of their turns with the games. They cannot make excuses for poor performance and make extra attempts to improve while inhibiting others who are waiting in line from getting their fair turn at the games. Remember, recess is only 15 minutes and everyone needs a chance to play and have fun.
Know The Difference Between Telling and Tattling.
Telling a responsible adult about a playground incident that helps get someone out of trouble (i.e. there is a safety concern) is encouraged. Tattling to get someone into trouble will only distract the Playground Supervisors from their primary duty of ensuring a safe playground for all of the children.
Check out this section of the school newsletter each month where we will outline the procedures of one of the games on the playground. Another guiding principle of the Peaceful Playgrounds is the use of a common set of procedures for each game in order to allow children to make the best use of their playtime, and to minimize the possibility of playground conflict.
Hit The Stick
Located on the asphalt between the School office and the “big tree”, it is three white parallel lines
Good for hand-eye coordination.
You will need a ball and a small stick (i.e. a popsicle stick)
1. Two players face each other. One stands behind the Winner Line and the other behind the Challenger Line. A wait line is formed for remaining challengers.
2. Halfway between the two players there is a line where the stick is placed on the ground. The children bounce the ball back and forth between them trying to hit the stick.
3. The child who first moves the stick is the winner and stands behind the Winner Line. The loser goes to the end of the wait line and a new child becomes the challenger. The challenger always throws first.
We hope that all children have a fun and safe experience on the playground. And we encourage families to check these games out after


This year we have a child in the school with allergies that could result in an anaphylactic reaction. The school is working closely with the class and family to accommodate this child’s needs. Please remind your children that sharing snacks can present risks to children with allergies.


Please be aware that our Parents’ Information Board is located next to the student phone near the Multi Purpose Room. This is where you will find notices, brochures and information about neighborhood programs and events, support groups, clubs, sports activities and topics of interest to parents and children in the community. Please note that the school does not review or necessarily endorse any of the notices or information placed on this board.


The Parent Advisory Council (PAC) invites you to attend the first PAC meeting of the year on Monday, October 17th at 9:00 a.m . Congratulations go to our newly elected Co Chairs, Mr. Tim Dow and Ms. Hazita Harun. and co Treasurers, Ms. Sharon Wu and Christine Wang. The PAC worked hard this past year to set and prioritize fundraising goals for 2011/12. Please look for the PAC’s direct fund raising appeal coming home soon.

We would like to thank in advance all those parents who have volunteered in the school and/or in various role in classrooms this year. Your support of the school is very much appreciated. Once again, we look forward to seeing you at our October Meeting.


Unless otherwise noted, PAC Meetings for this school year will be held on the following dates, starting at 9:00 a.m.
Monday, October 17th Monday, November 21st
Monday, January 23rd Monday, February 20th
Monday, April 16th Monday, May 14th (AGM)


Please ensure that your child’s boots, clothing and other belongings are clearly labeled with his/her name. If items should go missing, please check the school’s Lost and Found.. Small and valuable items are kept in the office. Students are discouraged from bringing valuable or precious items to school as we cannot ensure their safety.


Please be aware that wasps and hornets are cranky and abundant at this time of year. Several children have already been stung. It is, therefore, very important to let the office know of any allergies.


In order to ensure the safety of all students, we ask your cooperation in the following:
 Please arrange to drop off and pick up your children at a point near the school– perhaps on Chancellor Boulevard. Be sure not to drop children off at the red light, rather pull over at a convenient spot and let your child out of the car. It is also important to avoid the bus stop area. If children must be picked up in front of the school, please respect the “No Stopping” and “No Parking” zones as posted
 When picking up children, please either park in the allotted parking spots or come all the way into the loop to pick up. Please DO NOT PICK UP CHILDREN ON HAMBER ROAD. It is not safe and leads to congestion and confusion for all other parents trying to pick up safely.
 When in the loop, please DO NOT stop at the entrance to pick up your child(ren). Continue through the loop to the exit side to pick up.
 Please review the following Traffic Safety signs that are in place for our school.
 “NO STOPPING” zones are areas where no vehicle may stop for any reason. These signs are in areas where a stopped vehicle could obstruct the visibility of other drivers and pedestrians and increase the likelihood of a traffic collision. The penalty for stopping here is $40.00 and your vehicle could be towed.
 “NO PARKING” zones are areas where you can stop briefly for up to 5 minutes to drop off or pick up a passenger. You may not get out of your car in these areas. If you wish to leave your car to enter the school or need to wait for more than 5 minutes, please find a legal parking spot. The penalty for parking in a ‘No Parking” area is $40.00 and your vehicle could be towed.
 “U”-TURNS , double parking, and backing up are also unsafe and illegal in a school zone. They are very unsafe and confusing for children. The penalty for these offenses is $75.00.
 We cannot stress enough the importance of respecting pedestrian CROSSWALKS. For the safety of the students and all pedestrians, please observe these regulations. Your cooperation is sincerely appreciated.
 Finally, please be aware that the Staff Parking Lot is for VSB personnel only. Parents, guardians and school visitors may not park in this lot.


We have recently sent home requests for funds for a variety of school supplies/ activities (School fees, planners, field trips, etc.). As a reminder, the Vancouver School Board will not deny a child access to the school supplies or activities required for his or her educational program because of financial hardship. Parents and Guardians who would like to request to postpone payment of fees or require fees to be waived for the current school year, should contact their school Principal directly at the school or in writing.

There is a Korean parent information session happening between 9:15 and 11:15 am on October 4th, Tuesday at school Multipurpose room.
For further details, please contact Jenny Choi, 604-713-6000(ext 2491), Sharmain Kim(ext 2407) or school office 604-713-5350. Hope to see you there.