November 7th Remembrance Day Assembly
November 10th School Closed – Non Instructional Day
November 11th School Closed – Remembrance Day

HEY KIDS! When you’re out Trick or Treating on Hallowe’en Night, follow these Important Safety Tips:

  • Always wear make-up not a mask; you will be able to see better.
  • Always wear reflective tape on your costume. Drivers will be able to see you then.
  • Always have a good supper before you go out, and take some candy from home to eat; don’t eat the treats given you until your parents have looked at them.
  • Always carry a flashlight.
  • Be careful if you wear high heels or have a long costume. You might trip, and runners are faster.
  • Always go trick or treating with your parents, a friend or a group.
  • Only go to houses where there are lights on.
  • Always know where a safe house is that you can go to if you need help.
  • Always stay in your neighborhood.
  • Always start trick or treating early–and get home early.
  • Always let your parents know where you’ll be and for how long.
  • Always cross the road at the corner or crosswalk.
  • Always look both ways before crossing the street.
  • Never go into alleys, parking areas, wooded or vacant lots.
  • Never go near animals you do not know.
  • Always let your parents check your treats before you eat them.
  • Never eat unwrapped candy, fresh fruit, homemade goods or other non-commercial products unless you are absolutely certain of where it came from.


Many thanks go to our School Liaison Officer, Constable Megan Driscoll, who visited the school this past week to speak to classes about Hallowe’en safety. Please ask your children about her visit and review with them how to have a safe and happy Hallowe’en.

Firecrackers and Fireworks:
Vancouver City Council has amended the Fire By-Law. Residents should be aware that it is illegal:

  1. To possess firecrackers, at any time, without a permit issued by the Fire Chief (minimum fine $100.00)
  2. To possess fireworks without a permit issued by the Fire Chief, except from October 25 to October 31, when the possession of fireworks without a permit is allowed (minimum fine $100.00).
  3. To point or direct a fireworks at any person, animal, building or motor vehicle, where such fireworks are in the process of exploding or detonating and where they are capable of projecting or discharging a charge or pyrotechnical effect for a distance of more than three meters (minimum fine- $100.00).

To see, give or furnish fireworks to a person under the age of 18 for any reason.

The police may seize firecrackers and fireworks held in violation of the Fire By-Laws and, upon conviction may dispose of the firecrackers or fireworks without compensation. Residents are reminded that fireworks may be set off only on their own property.

Daylight Saving Time ends this year at 2:00 am on Sunday, November 2nd. Please remember to turn your clocks back an hour on this day.

We have noticed recently that several children who ride their bicycles or scooters to school have been arriving without helmets. Please be reminded that wearing a helmet is not only a common sense safety measure, but also a legal requirement that, if ignored, could result in a fine or confiscation of the bike or scooter.

The University Hill Cross Country Team ended its extramural season with enthusiasm and some spectacular finishes on Oct 16, at the muddy City Finals. Trout Lake Park, in East Vancouver is the traditional venue for an exciting afternoon for about 2000 K-7 runners from Vancouver Elementary schools, their parents and school sponsors.

Our small but, enthusiastic group of 18 runners, parents and teachers, cheered and supported each other to end a successful season.

Cross Country offers endurance, team, leadership and individual growth opportunities for children at all grade levels. All the children who ran at the 4 meets held this fall were proud to represent our school. We received compliments for enthusiasm sportsmanship and ability.

Thanks to our team, the parents, Evelyn, Eleni, Melody and Carina for getting me involved- Marise

Thank you to all those staff and families who participated in this month’s goal setting pre-conferences for student reporting. This is a terrific opportunity for us to get to know you and your child(ren) just a little better and to set goals for the first reporting period, nip any problems in the bud and address any pressing concerns. We look forward to the next formal opportunity to meet with you and encourage you to keep in touch with us and keep involved in your child(ren)’s education.

If you are going to be driving on a field trip or school outing, you must complete a Volunteer Driver Registration and Approval Form prior to the event. Please see the office or your child’s teacher before you put students in your car.

Our first PAC meeting was held on Monday, October 22nd. The minutes of that meeting are now posted on the parents’ bulletin board outside the Multi Purpose Room. Our next PAC meeting will take place on Monday, November 17th at 9:00 a.m. in the school staff room. We look forward to seeing you there.

Because of the early morning congestion on Chancellor Boulevard and in front of the school, we are suggesting that intermediate students start walking to school. If you are going to drive your children to school, please car pool as often as possible. Both the school and the environment will thank you. If you are driving intermediate age children, please drop them off at 8:30. If you are driving primary age children, please drop them just before 8:40. This will allow your child(ren) to arrive at school safely and on time, so that there is no disruption in the classroom program because of tardiness. Thank you in advance for your cooperation in this important safety issue.

On October 2nd and 3rd all the Grade 3’s went to the Fire safety House. We learned some steps to take when there is fire and smoke. We all enjoyed it. What to do in case of a fire at home: 1. You need two ways to get out and have a meeting place for your family. 2. If you live in an apartment and can’t get out get something bright and wave it out the window. 3. Do not play with matches.

Fire safety is important. Be safe around fire.
By: Maddie, Ilo and A Young Division: 9

The purpose of School Planning Councils is to formally acknowledge the importance of parent involvement in improving student achievement. They are intended to formalize the role of parents in all schools in British Columbia. The SPC is an advisory body whose major responsibility is to consult with the school community in preparing a proposed School Growth Plan. It does not engage in discussion or provide advice regarding personal/confidential information on students, teachers, parents or other employees; complaints about individuals or personnel matters.

The School Planning Council consists of the school principal, one teacher representative, elected by secret ballot from the teaching staff and up to three parent representatives elected by secret ballot from the Parent Advisory Council (one representative must be an elected officer of the PAC). This year’s elected School Planning Council representatives are: Ms. Louise Weir and Ms. Cindy Riesling. Elections for the University Hill SPC for 2008/09 will take place at the November PAC meeting. Our current PAC Co Chairs, Julie Kucher and Mankee Mah have been nominated for election. If you are interested in running for election to the council, please see Kathy Pickford prior to 5:00 pm. on the evening of November 14th.

Due to time pressures, budget constraints, and emergency situations, various maintenance activities take place during the school year for the safety and protection of students and staff. Some of these activities include procedures, which involve staff working around hazardous chemicals, or substances. In all cases, where this kind of work is performed, the school administrator is informed of the activity, and any precautions that staff must take, which frequently consists of simply honoring barricade tapes, or locked off areas where work is being performed. During the work procedures all necessary precautions are taken to ensure the safety of school staff and students, so that staff and students may be confident that their health will not be affected by these activities, as their safety is of paramount importance.

The first meeting of the Korean Parent Support Group will take place on November 6, 2008, at 10:30 a.m. in the school lunchroom. The purpose of this group is to provide an outlet for discussion about parent and student needs. All interested parties are welcome.