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Vancouver, BC V6T 1E2
Telephone: 604-713-5350
Fax: 604-713-5353

Principal: Kathy Pickford; Vice-Principal: Shannon MacDonald;
Co-PAC Chairs: Tim Dow, Hazita Harun
Associate Superintendent: Val Overgaard; School Liaison Trustee: Allan Wong

May 21, 2012


Just a reminder to all University Hill families that Sports Day will take place this year on Friday, May 25th. School will be in session for the full day. We look forward to seeing our many supportive parents and guardians at this fun filled event. Sports Day lunch order forms have gone home. If your child(ren) participate on the lunch program, lunch will be provided.


The first day of school for the 2012/13 school year is Tuesday, September 4th, 2012. If you are returning to University Hill Elementary School in the fall but will not be here before September 6th, you must complete and return a Notice of Late Return form by Friday, June 15th. These forms are available from the school office or by request from your child’s teacher. If you plan to return after September 28th, the school cannot hold a place for your child.


Children who will be 5 years old before 2012 December 31 are eligible to attend Kindergarten in September.

Please register your child as soon as possible and bring along the child’s birth certificate, record of immunization and proof of address. If you have a neighbor with a kindergarten age child who resides in our school catchment area, please pass this information along.


Once again, this year, if you have information that would be helpful to us as we make up classes for September, please send a note to the school office by Friday, May 25th. Please confine your comments to your child’s learning style, interests and a friend or two she or he would like to be with next year. Please do not request a particular teacher. The letters are shared with staff as we create the classes. While your input is valued, the final organization of the classes remains with us. Although the process seems simple, it is actually quite complicated. There are many factors to consider in placing over 500 students appropriately:
• teachers decide which teaching style will best compliment each child’s learning needs
• we attempt to create an equitable balance between boys and girls
• we try to balance the ESL and special needs students across the classes
• we consider social maturity and needs
• we take academic achievement into consideration and try to create classes that are balanced in this respect. For example, if your child is in a combined grade 2/3 class, there will be a variety of ability levels in both grades. Years ago, ‘split’ classes were created with high achievers in the lower grade and low achievers in the higher grade. This is no longer considered best practice and there has been a great deal of research to support combined classes made up of children of a variety of age levels and of varying abilities.
• we consider the local collective agreement between the Vancouver Board of School Trustees, the B.C. Public School Employer’s Association and the Vancouver Teachers’ Federation/B.C. Teachers’ Federation that limits the number of students in each class.
• finally, we acknowledge parent requests and do our best to accommodate them, given consideration of all other factors


The first day of classes for September 2012 is Tuesday, September 4th. Students will return to last year’s class at 9:00 on the first day of school. Students will remain in these classes for Wednesday, September 5th and Thursday, September 6th. Class lists for the 2012/13 school year will be posted on the school’s main doors late Thursday afternoon. Students will go to their new classes at 9:00 a.m. on Friday, September 7th.


There are many items in the Lost and Found located outside the school’s main office. Please have your child(ren) check for jackets, runners, sweaters, hats, etc. Any unclaimed items will be given to charity at the end of June.


The Vancouver School Board offers the service to parents to purchase basic school supplies in bulk at wholesale prices and to pass the cost savings on to families. The School Supply Fee
covers the cost of basic school supplies used for students’ personal use such as paper, writing tools, rulers, scissors, glue sticks, erasers, paint sets and exercise books. Supplies are provided for the full year except where excessive loss and replacement becomes unreasonable. The advantages for families of the Board providing student supplies are: (1) convenience (2) cost savings and (3) standardization of supplies used in the classroom.

As a reminder, the Vancouver School Board will not deny a child access to the school supplies required for his or her educational program because of financial hardship. Parents and Guardians who would like to request to postpone payment of the supplies fee or require the supplies fee to be waived for the current school year, should contact their principal directly at the school or in writing.


At the most recent PAC meeting the following people were elected as our executive members for 2012/13.

Co Chairs: Tim Dow and Denise Lauritano
Treasurer: Christine Wang
Fund raising Coordinator: Veronica D’Angelo
Secretary: Stephanie Dong

We thank you for volunteering your time to fill these very important roles. Congratulations to our new PAC executive!!

Just a reminder that the easiest and fastest way to sign up for the U Hill Elementary PAC mailing list is to:

i Send email to:

ii Leave SUBJECT empty

iii In the body of the email (just text, no signature), type
Subscribe uhill-l

4. Send your email

This is the way we distribute the newsletter each month, so it is very important that as many families as possible sign up.

2012 Fall program

UHE YNC (University Hill Elementary School Young Naturalists’ Club) is our school club where we inspire our children to explore the Natural Sciences in our own school yard. The goal of this club is to peak the curiosity of the students to discover our connections to nature and to show them how to learn more about the things that inspire them. A number of community groups have already been involved in our inaugural spring 2012 program including the school PAC, Administration and Teachers, U-Hill Secondary School Environmental Club, Metro Vancouver Parks, and UBC Biodiversity Collections.

The club is planning to offer another after school autumn program designed to introduce a series of natural science themes to the students with hands-on activities. We are currently soliciting interest from Parents who may be able to contribute to the club in any of the following capacities:

1. Mentors to help lead groups of 5-8 students to complete the activities designed by the Program Coordinators
2. Club Administrator to help coordinate registration to the club, manage the sign-in and sign-out of children at each meeting, and coordinate grant applications that will benefit the club and the school
3. Programming Coordinators to help organize the speakers, meeting location, and materials for each meeting
4.Subject Matter Experts to design and deliver a program theme
5. Blog Coordinator to keep the information on the website up to date and support Phylocard production

Your support and interest in this club will ensure its success for the children. The more Mentors we can recruit, the more children that we will be able to accommodate in the club. The more Subject Matter Experts who can help us develop the themes (this year, and in the future), the more enriching the program will be.

We’d appreciate hearing from potential Parent Volunteers by June 8, 2012 (send an email to and we will follow-up with the interest group to have a meeting in the following week to determine the 2012 Autumn Themes and intake size based on appropriate Mentor-student ratios. Student registration to the program will begin in September, with priority given to students whose parents are Mentors.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Connie Chen and Nancy Brown


Introduction: This year I have been trying my best to improve. I have had some success and some trouble, but I worked the trouble out and I understand my mistakes well. I have tried to complete all my projects on time but on some I was a little late. The projects were fun. On some projects we had to work alone and some we had to work I twos or threes or four. Barry taught me so many things, and I love hearing his stories and lectures. I really do enjoy working in his room where everything is bright and cheerful.

By: Dianah Division: 7