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Telephone: 604-713-5350
Fax: 604-713-5353

Principal: Kathy Pickford; Vice-Principal: Jonathan Weresch;
Co-PAC Chairs: Mankee Mah, Tim Dow, Hazita Harun
Associate Superintendent: Paul Wlodarczak; School Liaison Trustee: Allan Wong

April 29th, 2011


Monday, May 2nd No School, Professional Development
Tuesday, May 10th Class Pictures & Panorama Picture
Monday, May 16th PAC Annual General Meeting
Friday, May 20th No School, District Closure
Monday, May 23rd No School, Victoria Day
Friday, May 27th Sports Day


Just a reminder to all University Hill families that Sports Day will take place this year on Friday, May 27th. School will be in session for the full day. We look forward to seeing our many supportive parents and guardians at this fun filled event. Just a reminder, If you are ordering a Sports Day lunch, please ensure that your order forms have been submitted to the office.


Please be aware that opening day for the 2011/12 school year is Tuesday, September 6th. If you are planning a holiday that will extend into September or you plan to be away past Thursday, September 8th for any reason, please complete a Notice of Late Return form available from either the office or your child’s teacher. This will ensure that your child(ren)’s spot in the school is held until you return. Unfortunately, we cannot hold a spot for your child(ren) past September 30th. Thank you for you cooperation in this matter.


The Happy Go Lucky International Cooking Club (HGL) is a cooking club founded by a group of students who are interested in learning to cook nutritional food from scratch. Because University Hill is rich in cultural diversity we have the opportunity to draw on wonderful recipes from around the world. The HGL cooks one project per month, taking turns visiting different continents each month throughout the year. It is a unique learning format in which our students are able to be involved with every aspect of cooking. One of our favorite sections is learning about the community around us. Presently we are shopping at UBC’s Save On Foods grocery store. It has everything we need to make our shopping and learning experience successful. The HGL has been fortunate to meet Save On Foods manager, Mr. Ryan Dennis, who personally greets our shoppers, and has made very generous donations towards our cooking projects that may otherwise have not been possible.

On behalf of the Happy Go Lucky International Cooking Club and the University Hill community we would like to say a very special thank you to the staff at Save On Foods and to Mr. Ryan Dennis for being so kind and generous to us. It is this kind of community/school involvement that enhances the lives of our students and truly makes us part of a ‘community’ of learners. You have made our cooking experience possible and filled with heartfelt joy. THANK YOU.


The PAC and Division 16 have worked together to raise money to donate to the people of Japan. Thank you to our Uhill families who have filled our donation envelopes. We have raised $1475.51. Together with the funds raised from our bake sale, we are pleased to be able to make a generous donation to the Red Cross from University Hill Elementary. Thank you again for you very generous support.


Spring is finally here and summer will soon be around the corner. For those wishing to
register for Summer School this year, here’s some information to get you thinking about
planning for your summer courses.

As always, the VSB summer courses are designed and taught by certified, dedicated
teachers who care about your learning. Summer school offers the flexibility to pick as
many courses as you want, according to your schedule. Choose from a wide range of
FREE summer courses with the VSB. This year, we also offer enrichment courses for the
standard fee. You can combine free summer courses and enrichment courses to fill up
your day. The VSB will be offering an extensive array of courses available to meet every
student’s needs, from the gifted to the athletic, from the artistic to those who enjoy handsom projects. Courses are offered at every grade level throughout the city. What’s more, summer school is a wonderful way for students to spend their time in a relaxed learning environment under the care of educational professionals and a wonderful way for
children to continue learning during the summer. Consider Summer School this year.
Registration starts: May 25, 2011
To register: look for the flyer, talk to your teacher, find us at or call 604-


On Thursday, May 5th at 2:00 pm, all Vancouver schools will once again conduct a comprehensive Earthquake drill. This includes an emergency evacuation and a simulation of follow-up activities that would happen if an actual earthquake should occur. We anticipate that the event will go smoothly and efficiently as the staff and students have practiced to prepare. This year students will not be dismissed directly form the drill, though this may be the case in future years.

In light of the recent massive earthquake in Japan, it is timely to share our earthquake procedures. Each year, every school conducts an earthquake drill during which students practice ‘duck and cover’ and school evacuation procedures.

Each school has a large metal storage bin stocked with food, water, tools, student information sheets, an emergency radio and general supplies to last for two days. Our bin is located on the west side of the intermediate field. The school has established an emergency plan and all staff members have been assigned specific duties in case of an emergency.

In the event of a true earthquake, the school will release students to parents and designated emergency contacts that parents identified on their contact sheets in September.


U-Hill Kinderclub will be offering a PRESCHOOL program beginning September 2011. This 4 hour program will run Monday-Friday mornings only.

U-Hill Kinderclub will be continuing to provide before and after school care. Beginning in September 2011, the program will be offered to Kindergarten and Grade 1 children. A limited number of spaces are available.

Interested families should call 604-222-0700 or email for further information.


Jump Rope for Heart is a great way to encourage students to be active and healthy! Last year the school raised $10,736 for the Heart and Stoke Foundation. On Tuesday, May 3, we will be having a kick-off assembly at 9:15 in the gym. The Jump Rope for Heart event will be on Monday, May 9th. Primary classes will be jumping in the morning and intermediate classes will be participating in the afternoon. Come out and join us for some fun! Pledges can also be made online at Please help us fundraise for this wonderful cause. Thank you!!


Track season has begun! Thanks to our dedicated coaches Track Club is up and running and students will be training hard. All those who train are eligible to participate in after school ‘mini-meets’ during May.

There is a need to build general conditioning before more specific training for events begins. This year the students will be practicing for, and participating in both the running events and the field events should they choose. Practices will have been scheduled that allow for the necessary time to build skills and conditioning. Everyone who has come out for track is having fun and keeping fit! Parents: please make sure your child has appropriate RUNNING shoes and gym strip. NO JEANS at practice.


It is a great delight when we can host a ‘win/win’ opportunity for our students. Once again this term, we were lucky to be able to sponsor a math fair for our intermediate students. In preparation for the fair, math education students from Langara College design and create games and activities intended to teach concepts from the intermediate math curriculum. On the day of the fair, the intermediate classes take turns playing with the games and learning from their college level counterparts. It is always fascinating to see how well our students learn when they are involved in small group, fun, performance based learning activities. A big thank you goes to Nora Franzova for organizing this great event.


Once again, this year, if you have information that would be helpful to us as we make up classes for September, please send a note to the school office by Friday, May 27th. Please confine your comments to your child’s learning style, interests and a friend or two she or he would like to be with next year. Please do not request a particular teacher. The letters are shared with staff as we create the classes. While your input is valued, the final organization of the classes remains with us. Although the process seems simple, it is actually quite complicated. There are many factors to consider in placing over 500 students appropriately:

teachers decide which teaching style will best compliment each child’s learning needs
we attempt to create an equitable balance between boys and girls
we try to balance the ESL and special needs students across the classes
we consider social maturity and needs
we take academic achievement into consideration and try to create classes that are balanced in this respect. For example, if your child is in a combined grade 2/3 class, there will be a variety of ability levels in both grades. Years ago, ‘split’ classes were created with high achievers in the lower grade and low achievers in the higher grade. This is no longer considered best practice and there has been a great deal of research to support combined classes made up of children of a variety of age levels and of varying abilities.
we consider the local collective agreement between the Vancouver Board of School Trustees, the B.C. Public School Employer’s Association and the Vancouver Teachers’ Federation/B. C. Teachers’ Federation that limits the number of students in each class.
finally, we acknowledge parent requests and do our best to accommodate them, given consideration of all other factors