March 8th to 12th Spring Break
Monday, March 15th School Reopens after Spring Break
Week of March 22nd to 26th Reports home
Tuesday, March 30th and Thursday, April 1st 1:45 dismissal for conferences

In conjunction with this term’s report card conferences, University Hill will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair. The fair will be held from Tuesday, March 30th to Thursday, April 1st. The Book Fair will be open to families and students after school on these days. Please come and check out all of the wonderful resources available for purchase for your children.

Adult volunteers are desperately needed on all three dates. If you are able to volunteer at the Book Fair, please contact Judy in the library. Any time you have is greatly appreciated.

Your child(ren) will be bringing their report cards home during the week of 22nd. Conferences are scheduled for Tuesday, March 30th and Thursday, April 1st. At this time you will have an opportunity to discuss your child(ren)’s progress with your child(ren) and his/her teacher.

One of our incredible partnerships with UBC this year has been our opportunity to work with the university’s Learning Exchange students. These are UBC students who give up part of their Reading Week break to come in to the school to work with classes on a variety of projects. This year Eleni, Andrea and Kate’s classes worked with a group of 40 Learning Exchange students on a project that culminated in a mini Olympics and Melody and Craig’s class worked with a group of 8 Learning Exchange students on a Machines and Inventions project that culminated in small groups of students working together to make chain reaction machines incorporating what they had learned in their Science unit. Please see below for student reports about their experiences.

School Olympics

We went on a parade to deferent classes and then went to the gym to start owr mini Olympices. There was luge, sleg hokey, ski jumping and curlaling and speed skating. And then we got owr medals. Wen we wer don we played owt side.

By: Daniel M. Division 15

We did sledge hocky. I was on the chinee se team. We palyed ski jumping on Wii. We played luge with scooter bords. I like sledge Hocky best. We made a big flag. And a little flag. We went aroud to different classes. We had a cheer. We had a opening ceramonys. And a closing ceramonys. We made torches.

By: Grace D. Division: 15

Simple Machines Project

On February 23, 24, 25, Division 6 had some UBC students come to teach us about simple machines. There were six stations, the wheel and axle, the wedge, the lever, the pulley, the inclined plane, and the screw. My favorite one was the wheel and axle because the UBC student made it really exciting. The UBC students were very creative in finding ways to make everything fun. For example, at the wedge station, we got to make smoothies!

We did stations for the first two days, then on the third day, we got to build our own machine! We had a choice of building it by ourselves, with a partner, or a group of three. My partner and I built a machine that could make food fly!

I had a really good time meeting the UBC students and learning from them. I hope they’ll come and visit soon!

By: Rose Division:6

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Don’t forget to set your clocks forward one hour on Sunday, March 14th, as we shift to daylight savings time.

School will be closed for Spring Vacation from Monday, March 8th to Friday, March 12th. Classes will resume on Monday, March 15th at 8:45 am.

On Friday, February 19th, the staff of University Hill took part in a fun and educational set of workshops from the Action Schools Association. This is an organization that recognizes the importance of healthy eating and daily exercise and provides workshops to schools about how to incorporate this philosophy, information and activities into the daily curriculum and match them to the prescribed learning outcomes for each grade. The school staff was extremely enthusiastic in learning about healthy eating activities and about how to teach dance, yoga and aerobics as part of the daily physical activity program in each classroom.

The Vancouver School Board recognizes and respects the fact that parents (including guardians) and/or students may sometimes strongly disagree with decisions made by Board employees. The School Act of British Columbia gives parents and students (with the consent of their parents) the right to appeal certain decisions (or failures to make decisions) made by Board employees. This right of appeal applies to decisions which significantly affect the health, education, or welfare of a student. For detailed information regarding the Board’s appeal procedure, and a copy of the Board’s formal appeal policy, please ask at the school, or access it online at under the link Parents/Families.


When Seconds Count! The AMBER ALERT program has come to B.C. An AMBER ALERT is issued in certain child abduction situations. You will hear details on your local radio and television station – please keep your eyes open and report anything to 9-1-1. For more information see

With thanks to Reena, who is an inspired and inspiring poet!


What you want is a fragile thing
To hold and to touch
To love and to sing,
And so on,
Yet you are mine to hold,
And your heart made of gold,
And I will want to say with you so much,
Just to hold and to touch.

By: Reena B. Division:3

Once again, the flu and cold season seems to have been especially bad this year. Many children and staff have been sick. Those who come to school when they are ill may spread their germs to others in the class. Please respect the other members of the school community by keeping your child(ren) home when sick.


When Simon and Christian came to our school from Germany, we all welcomed them and they were really happy to come to our school and have so much fun.

They showed our class and our school pictures. In the Olympics Christian and Simon spend extra time with our class and we were all so happy Christian and Simon could make it to our school. everyone was having fun. Ms. G. has lots of blue bulb ideas and Simon and Christian gave Ms. G a blue diary that she could write her blue bulb ideas in.

By: Julie Division: 14

It is the recommendation of the Vancouver Board of Education that after twenty days of absence from school for non medical reasons, a spot can no longer be held for a student. While many Vancouver schools have the luxury of available space, University Hill Elementary has a lack of space and an extensive waiting list. For these reasons, and in fairness to those students waiting for placement, it is necessary for us to withdraw as a student at UHill, any child who is absent from school for more than twenty consecutive days for non medical reasons. We understand that there may be exceptional circumstances and encourage you to contact the school if your child will be away for an extended period of time.

There has recently been an increase in the number of personal electronic devices brought to school. Please be aware that the school cannot be responsible for the damage or loss of these belongings. Of particular concern are game cards (e.g. Pokemon) and electronic devices (e.g. MP3’s, PSP’s, etc). These items are not to be used in the class room or on the school grounds as they are distracting to learning and physical activity. We would encourage all students to leave them at home. If they are brought to school responsibility for their care and safety rests with the student at all times. We encourage you to discuss this matter with your child(ren) and consider keeping these items at home.

In addition, we are finding chewed gum in the most unusual places – on the back of door handles, in the computer lab, on chair seats, etc. Please remind your child(ren) that unless they have specific permission for medical or other important reasons, we expect that no gum will be chewed at school.

The following data are used by the School Planning Council and the school each year when developing the School Plan. Knowledge of who our students are needs to be considered when developing the context that frames student achievement data.

University Hill Elementary currently enrols 517 students, of which 260 are English as a Second Language learners and 24 are Special Needs. All of the ESL and Special Needs students are fully integrated within the regular classroom. Just over 30% of our students speak English as their first language. Not all of the students who speak English as a second language receive ESL support because they are proficient enough not to require the extra instruction. In terms of transience, the school has welcomed 59 new students since September and 61 have left in the same time period.