The first day of school for the 2010/11 school year is Tuesday, September 7th, 2010. If you are returning to University Hill Elementary School in the fall but will not be here by September 7, you must complete and return a Notice of Late Return form by Friday, June 11th . These forms are available from the school office or by request from your child’s teacher. If you plan to return after September 30th, the school cannot hold a place for your child.

What a day it was!! In spite of forecasts for rain, thunder and lightning, the skies cleared on Friday, May 21st just in time for the school’s annual Sports Day. Primary and intermediate staff each coordinated a morning to remember! After Red, Yellow, Green and Blue teams and the primaries each participated in a cheer, the classes rotated through a set of fun, athletic stations designed to encourage sportsmanship and enjoyment. This year’s primary stations were designed around an Olympic theme, while the intermediate stations showed tremendous creativity. Thanks go to all who helped to organize this hugely successful event and to the secondary students who volunteered to help run the stations.

Special thanks go to Stephanie Dong and all those parents who helped to coordinate and man the concession stands. Also, thanks go to Save On Foods for generously donating water and brownies for Sports Day.

Sports Day is always one of the most anticipated days of the school year. This year’s was no exception and proved to be one the most successful Sports Days ever. We hope that this has created special memories that will stay with our children throughout their lives.

Parents and school staff are the adults who make the greatest difference to a child’s learning in their early lives and beyond. When these two groups work together the lives of students are very much enriched. We are very fortunate at University Hill to have so very many parents who volunteer… on the PAC, at Sports Day, on field trips, in classrooms, for extra curricular activities, fund-raising…the list goes on and on. We’d like to take this opportunity to acknowledge those parents who play such a supportive role in the educational lives of their children and to thank you all for ongoing support of our work at the school.

On May 5th, the school staff welcomed more than 40 people to our annual Volunteer Tea. It was a real pleasure to say thank you to those who have put that little extra quality into the life of University Hill Elementary School and into the educational lives of their child(ren) by providing special and extra service to the school community. This year more than 110 volunteers contributed to the school in many, many different ways. Once again, we thank you for your ongoing support and we look forward to many future opportunities for home/school collaboration.

The school has received postcards offering 2010 PNE tickets for students. For those families who wish to take advantage of this ticket offer, the postcards are available from your child’s classroom teacher.


On Friday, May 14th, all students and staff at University Hill participated in the annual Jump Rope For Heart event and fundraiser. Classes spent the day rotating through a variety of stations to practice and learn skipping techniques, to keep fit and to have fun. By participating in the events, students were able to raise $10,478.37 for the heart and Stroke Foundation. The day’s events culminated in an AMAZING assembly celebrating the day’s activities for both the students and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Once again, the assembly ended with a staff “skip off”. This year’s winner? Linda Kent!! Congratulations!

Big thanks go to all the students and teachers who participated. Special thanks go to Nik Chiu, Janet Logie, and Eleni Georgantas who coordinated and organized this AMAZING event for the school. A huge and extra special thanks also goes to the students of Division 2 who manned the stations and made sure the every student was able to participate safely and successfully.


University Hill had a great turn out for track this year. we were the most enthusiastic school at the meet. We cheered for everyone with our chants, cheers and applause. Even when the other teams were upset over the outcome of their races we cheered them up. U Hill had great sportsmanship and determination. An example of this was when my friend dropped the baton but picked it up and finished the race. and on the athletic point of view, U Hill did great, getting lots of second places, third places and even some first places. Our hard work and our teachers= effort and their hours that they put in to help us with the technique and speed training certainly paid off. Overall, U Hill did an excellent job at the meet. Well done U Hill track members! Thank you to all the teachers that put in their time and effort in training us, supporting us and making the Track and Field team this year possible!
By: Savant G. Division: 6
In my point of view, University Hill did great. we had really good sportsmanship and spirit. Mitsu, (one of our athletes) did one of the most amazing high jumps I ever seen. Tony, (another one of our athletes) got first place in the shot put. He kept going to all the practices even when he had a fractured toe.

By: Itay H. Division: 6

The PAC would like to extend thanks to all the parent and student volunteers that made our Sports Day a success.

As a quick fund raising update – WOW!! This year we have received a cheque for $820.00 from Stong’s for our on line grocery shopping sales commission! That may be a new record, so a big thanks to all of you who shop this way and please, keep up the good work!

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There are many items in the Lost and Found located outside the school’s main office. Please have your child(ren) check for jackets, runners, sweaters, hats, etc. Any unclaimed items will be given to charity at the end of June.

The Vancouver School Board offers the service to parents to purchase basic school supplies in bulk at wholesale prices and to pass the cost savings on to families. The School Supply Fee covers the cost of basic school supplies used for students= personal use such as paper, writing tools, rulers, scissors, glue sticks, erasers, paint sets and exercise books. Supplies are provided for the full year except where excessive loss and replacement becomes unreasonable. The advantages for families of the Board providing student supplies are: (1) convenience (2) cost savings and (3) standardization of supplies used in the classroom.

As a reminder, the Vancouver School Board will not deny a child access to the school supplies required for his or her educational program because of financial hardship. Parents and Guardians who would like to request to postpone payment of the supplies fee or require the supplies fee to be waived for the current school year, should contact their principal directly at the school or in writing.

Summer School is coming up again and there’s something for everyone!

Many courses are FREE!

Have you considered enrolling your child in summer school this year? It is a great opportunity to choose from a wide range of FREE summer courses, enrichment courses offered for the standard fee, or a combination of both to suit your child’s schedule. The VSB will be offering courses to meet the needs of all kinds of students – gifted, athletic, artistic or those who simply enjoy hands-on projects. Courses are offered throughout the city at every grade level, and all are designed and taught by certified, dedicated and enthusiastic teachers who care about your child’s learning. Summer school is a wonderful way for students to continue learning during the summer, spending their time in a relaxed learning environment under the care of educational professionals.

So please consider VSB Summer School this summer!

For course details and registration, find us on the web or call 604-713-4550. To register online you will need your PEN number, which you can get from your school’s office.