Everyone enjoyed Hip Hop. It was fun, fun, fun, amazing and fabulous. I mostly enjoyed meeting Kim, Teya and Christina. I learned ballet for four years and never really super liked hip hop, but when the souldiers came I really loved hip hop. The show was a total hit! We should all give an enormous and gigantic thank yo !

By: Amy L. Division: 10

January 27th was when dance lessons officially started. A couple of people came to our school to share their talent and love for dance. They taught each class a unique routine step-by-step, along with showing us all the ‘popping’ and ‘locking’ moves. Each class had four lessons, where im and Co. worked patiently to help each student learn all the complicated moves and steps. They coordinated all the classes into a story of evil robots, super. heroes, peace keepers and of course, the ordinary humans, using catchy songs that got us grooving to the music.

Though some of the parts of the dance were difficult and confusing, every minute was fun. For dance lovers, it was another kind of dance to try, another experience. for music lovers, it was another way to enjoy music, and for many others, they discovered a passion for ‘groovin’ to the beat’.

So thank you Kim, Teya and Christine for an incomparable dancing opportunity.

By: Tomo N. Division: 2


Monday, April 6th Class and Panorama Photos
Friday, April 10th Good Friday
Monday, April 13th Easter Monday
Tuesday, April 14th to Friday, April 17th Earth Week Activities
Friday, April 17th Retakes
Wednesday, April 22nd Volunteer Tea

On March 27th, 2009 the Ministry of Education announced that it was “investing more than $167 million in seven Vancouver school projects, including . . . seismic upgrades, school replacements and the construction of new schools where needed . . .” “ University Hill secondary will be relocated to the vacant National Research Council facility at UBC, which will be retrofitted and expanded. The old University Hill Secondary will be demolished and replaced with a new kindergarten to Grade 8 school.” Great news for our families who have been waiting and lobbying for so long to make this a reality for the University Hill community.

While the majority of parents/guardians who drive children to and from school are careful drivers, a few still ignore the parking and traffic control signs around our school. We are noticing many people parking in the Bus Zone and in the No Parking and No Stopping Areas, making U-Turns or backing up in the school zone areas, especially at those critical times when children are being dropped off or picked up. Assistance has been requested from the Vancouver Police Department and City Traffic Enforcement to caution and/or ticket drivers who ignore proper safety procedures and place our students at potential risk. Please be careful around the school in an effort to keep our children safe. Please see the attached traffic safety bulletin from the Vancouver Police Department.

When a child is in elementary school, as parents we can:

  • Talk to him about classroom activities and school work and praise his efforts.
  • Read regularly to her in the language spoken at home.
  • Encourage him to complete school assignments and homework.
  • Encourage her to respect the rights of others.
  • Teach him respect for public and personal property and the environment.
  • Be a role model by demonstrating support and respect for the school.
  • Ensure she is clean, well rested and nourished.
  • Ensure he is dressed properly for the weather and for school activities.
  • Ensure regular and punctual attendance.

As parents, please help your child understand and respect school expectations by emphasizing the need to:

  • Demonstrate respect for and cooperation with other students, staff and school property.
  • Complete school work as required and on time.
  • Participate in a variety of school programs
  • Attend classes regularly.
  • Have fun learning.

Its time to start planning and saving for this year’s Fun Fair. The date has been set for the evening of Friday, May 29th. The PAC would like to request that families start collecting and putting aside sale-able items for Bingo prizes and for the rummage sale. They are especially looking for used toys and clean children’s clothing in reasonable condition. Stay tuned for more information about this fun filled evening for University Hill families.