5395 Chancellor Boulevard, Vancouver, BC V6T 1E2
Telephone: 604-713-5350
Fax: 604-713-5353

Principal: Kathy Pickford; Vice-Principal: Jonathan Weresch;
Co-PAC Chairs: Mankee Mah, Tim Dow, Hazita Harun
Associate Superintendent: Val Overgaard; School Liaison Trustee: Allan Wong

Monday, April 4th School reopens after Spring Break
Friday, April 22nd Good Friday
Monday, April 25th Easter Monday
Wednesday, April 27th Volunteer Tea

While the majority of parents/guardians who drive children to and from school are careful drivers, a few still ignore the parking and traffic control signs around our school. We are noticing many people parking in the Bus Zone and in the No Parking and No Stopping Areas, making U-Turns or backing up in the school zone areas, especially at those critical times when children are being dropped off or picked up. Assistance has been requested from the UBC RCMP and City Traffic Enforcement to caution and/or ticket drivers who ignore proper safety procedures and place our students at potential risk. Please be careful around the school in an effort to keep our children safe.

When a child is in elementary school, as parents we can:
 Talk to him about classroom activities and school work and praise his efforts.
 Read regularly to her in the language spoken at home.
 Encourage him to complete school assignments and homework.
 Encourage her to respect the rights of others.
 Teach him respect for public and personal property and the environment.
 Be a role model by demonstrating support and respect for the school.
 Ensure she is clean, well rested and nourished.
 Ensure he is dressed properly for the weather and for school activities.
 Ensure regular and punctual attendance.

As parents, please help your child understand and respect school expectations by emphasizing the need to:
 Demonstrate respect for and cooperation with other students, staff and school property.
 Complete school work as required and on time.
 Participate in a variety of school programs
 Attend classes regularly.
 Have fun learning.


A big thank you to all those parents/guardians who attended this week’s report card conferences. The majority of our conferences this term were student led. At this type of conference, students give their parents a ‘guided tour’ of the term’s work. These ‘tours’ give your child(ren) an opportunity to show you samples of their work and talk to you about their learning and accomplishments over the course of the term. They also provide a chance for you to celebrate your child(ren)’s learning with them and their teacher(s). Whether student led or ‘traditional’, report card conferences are an important part of your child’s educational program, so we thank you for sharing this time and being a part of your child(ren)’s learning experience.


The Vancouver School Board SWIS (Settlement Workers In Schools) Workers are offering the following Programs:

Are you new in Canada?
Do you want to be part of the community but don’t speak the language?
Do you have the skills but don’t feel confident?

This is the program for you! You will find the tools and skills to achieve it inside you. Come and join us:
When: Wednesdays April 13th to June 29th, 2011
Where: Kitsilano Neighbourhood House Hall
2305 West 7th Avenue @ Vine ST.
For more information, please contact:
Patricia at 604-736-3588 OR
Jenny at 604-713-6000 ext. 2490

Child minding Snacks Bus tickets

No job? Underemployed? Skills Upgrade? Where to Start?

Attend our career information session!! Let our employment professionals FAST TRACK your job finding process. Your one stop Career Information Source on:
• Getting Canadian Credentials
• language and skills upgrade
• paid practicum
• job mentorship
• Employment counselling
• small business program
AND MORE . . .
Location: Kitsilano Community Centre – Lobby Room
Date: Wednesday, April 13th, 2011
Time: 12:30 p.m

Registration is required and seating is limited: