Next PAC meeting: Fri Jan 26 at 8:30am

Dear parents,

Happy New Year, and to any new families just joining our UHill Elementary community, welcome!  I am writing to you on behalf of the school Parent Advisory Committee (PAC).  All of us as parents are automatically part of the PAC, giving us the opportunity to positively influence and contribute to what happens at our children’s school.

Over the past month or two, our elected PAC chair, Eric Douglas, resigned, and I have been asked to take on this role.  I want to take this opportunity to thank Eric for all the time and energy he has put into leading our PAC, and for his significant accomplishment getting by-laws developed and passed for PAC. Thank you, Eric, we greatly appreciate it!  I am excited to be taking on this role, as I care deeply about our school, and think that it is a fantastic place for our kids to learn and grow. I believe strongly in the importance of community, and feel that as parents, we have an important role to play in our children’s education, supporting and providing input to our outstanding UHill elementary staff.  I look forward to getting to know as many of you as I can.

One simple way that you can get involved is by attending our (approximately!) monthly general PAC meetings.  The next PAC meeting will be held at 8:30 am on Friday January 26 in the multipurpose (lunch) room.  I know that mornings are tough for some parents, so we are alternating our meetings this year – one in the morning, and the next in the evening.   One morning meetings is that it enables teachers to attend, which enriches our meetings, and an advantage of evening meetings is that we can plan a guest speaker to follow the meeting (ideas for speakers very welcome!).   Please join us if you are available on Friday Jan 26 at 8:30am  – we’d love to have you (and nope, you won’t get roped into anything unless you really want to be!).  At our PAC meeting, we will be talking about additional changes and updates within PAC, so please join us if you can.

Finally, the UHE Parent Advisory Committee is about, and for, all of us.  If you have suggestions, comments, or are looking for ways to get involved, please send me an email at  In addition, please make sure that you are getting email updates by signing up to follow this website (link on the right side of the PAC homepage).   I believe that you need to sign up each year, so even if you have signed up in the past, please go ahead and do so again.

Wishing you a wonderful 2018,


Jen McCutcheon (mother to Simon in gr 2 and Emma in kindergarten)

Card signing party!

Hi parents,

In the spirit of the season, we as PAC would like give personalized cards to each UHE staff member – not just teachers, but all the staff who contribute to making UHE a wonderful place for our children to learn and grow. If you would like to help with this small task, please join us in the Garden room on Tuesday, Dec 19 at 2:30pm to help write the cards. Please pass the word around to other parents.

Hope to see you there!