PAC Meeting Minutes – October 18, 2010
1.  Meeting called to order – 9:00 am

2.  Motion to adopt Minutes of May meeting – moved: Tim Seconded: Hazita

  • adopted

3.  Introduction of new Executive:

  • Chair: Tim Dow, Mankee Mah , Hazita Harun, Sharon Wu

4.  Executive Reports:

  • PAC Chair’s Report – as attached
  • Treasurer’s and Fund raising Report – as attached

5.  School Reports:

  • Principal’s Report – see attached

6.   Staff Wish Lists and school funding requests :

  • Jump Math – discussion of whether or not to provide subsidy as necessary; letter to be revised to more clearly indicate that the cost is $10.00 PER workbook
  • priorities as identified by staff include . . .literacy resources, Science, Art, PE resources, and Technology resources – please see PAC Chair report for details

7.  Other Business:

  • Code of Conduct review
    • discussion and review of Code of Conduct for adoption by PAC.
    • to be reviewed by members for adoption at November meeting
  • Bus Program
  • School Traffic
    • discussion about the issues rergading traffic safety and busing
    • suggestions for change discussed
    • moved: Frank; Seconded: Tim that PAC issue a letter to UEL requesting parking privileges for UHE parents during pick up and drop off times
    • carried. frank to draft the letter

8.  Meeting Adjourned: 10:30

PAC Chair Report: October 18, 2010

Tim Dow


PAC Approved Budget for 2010-11

  • PAC General Account Balance (Sept. 2010): $ 20,000
  • Projected Income 2010-11 (Grocery Cards, etc): $ 4,000
  • Minimum Balance required (for GC pre-purchases): $(15,000)
  • General funds available for 2010-11: $ 9,000

Proposed General Budget Expenditures for 2010-11

  • Primary playground upgrades: $ 5,000
  • Jump Math subsidies (full amount needed?): $ 0
  • Music: $ 0
  • Project Chef: $ 500
  • Volunteer Interest Survey: $ 200
  • Terry Fox Run: $ 100
  • Walking School Bus: $ 100
  • Total: $ 5,900

In addition, another $5,000 is budgeted for Primary Playground upgrades from the PAC Gaming Account for a total budget of $10,000.

Direct Appeal (separate account managed by school, see separate report):

  • Items to clarify from last years expenditures: Jump Math, Field Trip
  • Teacher priorities: 1. Literacy Resources, 2. Science, Art, and PE Resources, 3. Technology
  • Message to teachers: Donations coming in now. Evaluate total for next PAC meeting and decide on message to teachers.

Walking School Bus Report

  • Mornings: 16 students, Afternoons: 8 students (Mostly Gr. 1 – 3)
  • 25 days = 50 litres of gas, 125 kg C02 saved!
  • Additionally: 5 days with 100+ bikes in front of the school! (Mostly Gr. 3 – 7)
  • Next step: Covered bike parking? Raingear storage? Goal = 100 bikes on a rainy winter day!

Volunteer Interest Form

  • Response: 37 forms returned. Lots of interest for Chinese Parent Group and Library Committee
  • Database / Excel list to be compiled and sent to committee chairs
  • Cost: $207 for copies/paper

Grocery Cards

  • Veronica D’Angelo: Grocery Cards info to be sent out Oct. 18. Due back Oct. 27. Cards distributed in November.


  • BCCPAC: Renew Membership – $75? Mankee will review and apply.
  • BCTF Presentations for Parents? Hazita will look into this.
  • Fundraising Info? No need for this, that’s why we do Direct Appeal

Direct Appeal Donation Account Status

Direct appeal cheques and other donations are sent directly to U-hill Elementary School and are not part of the PAC bank account. Instead they are maintained by the school under the 3001 Donations General Ledger Account. Here is a summary of the donation account activity from last year:

  • Beginning balance Sept. 2009: $ 6,600
  • Donations Oct/Nov 2009: $ 12,800
  • Spent on resources 2009: $(17,900)
  • Ending balance Sept. 2010: $ 1,500

The money spent on resources can be broken down as follows:

  • Books $ 4,100
  • Teacher reimbursement $ 3,200
  • LCD projectors $ 3,100
  • Laminator $ 2,500
  • Jump Math books $ 1,500
  • P.E. resources $ 1,250
  • Music $ 1,000
  • Science $ 850
  • Field trip $ 400_
  • Total spent on resources in 2009 $ 17,900

Direct Appeal Teacher Wish List

The following items were submitted by teachers as wish list items from Direct Appeal donations for 2010-11:

1. Literacy Resources (11 votes)

Gr.7 Math textbooks (Polzin), more novel sets /ESL (current copies) (Marshall), ESL novels (adapted, visuals, tapes) (Avanlee), First Nations books on poetry, art, and drama (Avanlee), more books (Phoenix), Library (Cottrell)

2. Science, Art, P.E. Resources (11 votes)

            Games – Scrabble slam and Banana games (Avanlee), Magnifiers – specifically for the private eye project for looking closely and thinking by analogy, (Logie), Performances (Logie)

3. Technology Resources (9 votes)

            Wireless mike (Dakin), one more classroom computer for reception ESL (Marshall), additional computer in Rm. 132 / 108 to accommodate Reception, Flatscreen TVs (Eileen), Smart Board (Andrea), white boards (Phoenix), Library (Cottrell), Smart Board (Eleni)

– Tim Dow

October 16, 2010

PAC Update – October 2010

1.  Start Up

  • very smooth; up and running the 1st day of school
  • staffing now complete – New Staff – SSW – Laurel; Teachers: Suzie Polzin, Joe Mergens, Sean Rupert, Katharine Kan, Aileen Tong, Jessica Gilmore, Maggie Jackson, Lindsey Prince
  • 20 divisions – 517 students; at max in most classes

2.  Band is up and running with Mr. Dewreede; schedule has some wrinkles
3.  Peer Helpers (Suzie and Joe) – 

  • Patrol (Susan H.); & Library Monitor (Judy) programs all running

4.  Photos

  • individual photos; retakes November

5.  Meet the Teacher Night

  • worked well again this year– lots of positive comments
  • again this year we staggered grades and it seemed to work well
  • PAC sign up – suggested that we include cookies again next year

6.  Terry Fox Run

  • raised about $2253.00 for cancer research More than last year by $1250.00
  • new DVD played during assembly; students learned valuable lessons in giving, community service and citizenship through their participation

7. Growth Plan

  • staff and SPC late Spring meetings developing, reviewing and approving growth plan for this year. A variety of sources of information considered (student assessment results, report card info, surveys, attendance data, etc)
  • big thanks to the staff and the SPC
  • some non instructional day time was used to fine tune the plan which has now been submitted to and approved by the district and the ministry. This year’s only goal is still in the area of literacy – writing.
  • 1st step is done– SWW and DRA/RAD assessments on all students

8.    Possible 1701 audit this year

9.  Fire Drill

  • we’ve had 2 planned. All went well. Look forward to 3 or 4 more before the end of the school year
  • earthquake and lock down drills to come

10.  Non Instructional Days

  • September 24th – Using the school wide write results to plan for instruction
  • PSA Day – October 22nd – individual Pro D based on teacher interest and/or specialty areas

11.  Mad Science programs have started after school

12.  Individual Student Pre Conferences

  • October 20th and 21st
  • opportunity to discuss hopes, dreams, goals, wishes for your children; nip any issues/problems in the bud

13.  Field Trips

  • many – beach study, VAG, YVR, UBC PE, Robert Munsch

14.  Student Teachers

  • 3 or 4 this year – Linda, Joan P., Janet , Susan H.

15.  First School Closure Day – feedback please

  • very positive response from parents regarding the 4 day weekend and 1st school closure day
  • LEAP proposal presented for future school closure days. Information will go home this week.

16.  Assemblies

  • Terry Fox
  • Introductions, Traffic Safety, Behaviour
  • Remembrance Day Assembly – November 10th