UHill Elementary PAC
Meeting Minutes – October 21, 2013

1. Meeting called to order – 9:00 a.m.

2. Motion to adopt Minutes of May meeting – Moved: Kathy, Seconded: Denise, Approved unanimously.

3. Introductions:
Co-Chairs: Tim Dow, Denise Lauritano; Treasurer: Christine Wang;
Sharon Yu volunteered as Secretary.
Janet Fang, Helen Gabor, and Nancy Brown volunteered for the School Planning Council.
Principal: Val Coopersmith, Vice Principal: Ankie Carswell.
Other attendees: Connie, Kathy, Sylvia, Veronica, Bahareh.

4. Executive Reports:
Co-Chairs (Tim, Denise)
• First Week of School: Bus Program, Parking at UEL, Weeds!, Meet the Staff, etc
• Terry Fox: Save-On Donation, Volunteers, Event Raised $980
• Pancake Breakfast: Impressive, Good Traffic Management. Thanks to Joe for inviting the politicians!
• Thanks to Connie and Andrea for Fruit and Veggie Program!
• Project Chef – Approved $1600 from PAC for Div. 5 & 6.
• Walk ‘n Roll: Great support Oct. 7 – 11. Continue in November? Contact Ofira Roll. The stickers were key!
• Direct Appeal: Letter sent – Technology focus.
o Each classroom Teacher (plus Resource Team, Computer Teacher, and Teacher Librarian) to receive an amount of money to be spent on classroom resources by March 2014
o Teacher funding level determined in 2 weeks after donation level is known
o Additional amount reserved for Admin to spend on school wide resources
• Grocery Card Sales: Veronica to organize. Letter to be sent out next Monday. Helen will help Veronica. Connie will investigate the possibility of adding T&T to the program. (Good tip from Sylvia Wang!)
• Need new recruits for next year’s PAC. Thanks for the great interest from Kindergarten parents. Great!

Treasurer’s Report (Christine)
• 2012-13 Recap
1. Gaming Grant: $9,920 approved, $7,500 supporting classroom iPads
2. Direct Appeal fund raising: $6,660, supporting classroom iPads, video microscopes, computers and literacy resources
3. Grocery Card fund raising: $3,600, 23% growth vs 2011-12, being the major source for the Garden Grant ($3,500)
4. Funds carried forward to 2013-14: General $29,990, Gaming $26,240

• 2013-14 Budgeting Highlight
1. Gaming Grant approved: $9,920. To support playground project and technology investment, $25,000/$5,000 allocated respectively
2. Grocery Card fund raising: $4,000 (10% growth) in projection. To continuously support Garden Grant ( $1,000 allocated) and other activities.
3. Grade 5/6/7 graduation: $1,500 allocated for the student ceremony, $1,000 allocated for the teachers’ move
4. Project Chef: $1,600 allocated
5. Funds carried forward to 2014-15 in projection: General $28,415, Gaming $6,160 ( any new initiatives to support? To be discussed )
* Direct Appeal not reflected yet

• Motion to approve budget for 2013/14 – Moved: Denise, Seconded: Janet, Approved unanimously.

5. Principal’s Report (Val and Ankie)

School organization general comments
• 498 students September 30, 2013
• All classes at capacity which is as follows:
• Grade 4 to 7 (30 students)
• Grade 1 to 3 (24 students)
• Kindergarten (22 students)

Team sports
• Soccer, volleyball
• Cross country great participation
• Will make a greater effort with informing parents of upcoming registration for school sports and special activities.

Three school assemblies so far this year:
• Wednesday October 4 facilitated by administration to introduce new staff and discuss code of conduct
• Terry fox assembly
• Primary assembly

Events and Field Trips
• Walk and roll super participation
• Terry Fox run collected $980
• Pancake breakfast $1400
• Designation imagination – critical challenge activity for two grade 3 classes
• Fire house for grade 3 students
• Mobile Dairy Farm for primary children
• Classes have started to visit Beaty, UBC Botanical gardens and the UBC farm
• Pumpkin patch 7 classes have gone for a field trip
• UBC PE program for grade 6 and 7 classes started this month
• Professional development day – September 27
• Science in Action in service for teachers

Other News
• Parent teacher interviews this week. Parents should of received notices/ information from teachers. Students will be dismissed at 2:00pm and buses will pick up an hour earlier
• Bathrooms – currently school inspection happening with engineer and administration; please let office know of any clean-up that is needed. Will provide more public notices on keeping our bathrooms clean.

• 2 fire drills so far this year
• Code yellow
• Code red practise this week
• Earthquake drill last week went well
• The Big One in May recommend a full release – this will be discussed in greater detail closer to the drill

6. New Business:
• Lunch Program: Deduct $4 per lunch missed in previous month due to field trips. More instructions will be included in the school newsletter.
• School will notify parents of sport team opportunities in newsletter and bulletin board.
• Washrooms: Parent request for improved cleanliness. School will raise awareness of this issue and discuss with Student Council.
• First Week of School: How can we get kids in classes sooner? School will discuss with teachers.
• Grade 5 and Grade 6 Graduation: Ceremonies are planned – more details in May 2014.
• Code of Conduct review: No changes. Approved by PAC.
• Garden Committee update: For details, see blog: http://uhillgarden.wordpress.com
• Young Naturalists Club update: Program runs in April, May of 2014 for 30 students. Planning to start in January. See YNC blog at: http://uheync.wordpress.com
• Creative Expression Program: After school on Tuesdays, starting Nov. 4.
• Rose Point School update. Construction on schedule to start with Gr. 6 & 7 next year (Sept. 2014). Meeting with VSB district principals set for Jan. 23 at 6:30 pm (at UHill Elementary) to answer questions about the details of registration for the school, cross boundary applications, middle school program, etc.
• Playground upgrades for Gr. K-5 students. Implement Phase 2 of plan along with Nancy Brown and Garden Committee.

Offline discussion (Tim, Val, Christine)
• Direct Appeal: PAC or School Account? Most schools leave balance in PAC general account. Parents still write cheques to the School in order to get tax receipt. Christine to work out details with Corinna.

Postponed until next meeting (no time):
• Bus Program: What would it take to continue the bus program next year for UHill Elementary?
• Traffic Safety: Upgrades complete on 16th Ave. Still 2 lane crossings.
• Interested in inviting Evening speakers (VSB, BCTF resources). Please contact Tim Dow.

7. Adjournment. Moved: Seconded: Adjourned:
Next PAC Meetings: Nov. 18, Jan. 20, Feb. 17, Apr. 14, May 12 (AGM)