PAC Meeting Minutes
October 15, 2012

1. Meeting called to order – 9:00 a.m.
2. Motion to adopt Minutes of May meeting – moved: Kathy Seconded: Mi
 carried
3. Introduction of new Executive:
 Co Chairs: Tim Dow, Denise Lauritano; Treasurer: Christine Wang; Fund raising Coordinator: Veronica D’Angelo; Secretary: Stephanie Dong
4. Executive Reports:
 PAC Chair’s Report–
 Meet the Staff – Volunteers were recruited for Terry Fox; perhaps look at ways to better publicize PAC recruitment next year
 Direct Appeal coming up – Technology focus
 Grocery Card sales will follow the Direct Appeal – Veronica to organize
 PAC executive meeting was held; finances reviewed and thank you and goodbye to Hazita and Sharon
 Treasurer’s and Fund raising Report – as attached
Budget approved for 2012/2013 school (Uhill PAC Budget 2012-2013).
Account status reported (Uhill Account Summary 2012-2013 October).
5. School Reports:
 Principal’s Report – see attached
6. School funding requests :
 Classroom funds – money will be coming. FTE amount to be determined by funds donated in Direct Appeal. These funds will include money for the Resource Team, David Phyall and the Teacher Librarian
7. Other Business:
 Code of Conduct review
 Code of Conduct discussed and reviewed
 moved: Tim seconded: Connie to adopt the Code of Conduct as presented
 carried
 School startup: Try to balance the desire for some students to get started quickly with academic business with the desire for some students to ease slowly back to school. Suggestion was to get students into their new classrooms by the second day of instruction but to still do some whole grade based activities.
 request for any parents interested in writing grant proposals related to the garden project to please contact Nancy Brown
 Young Naturalists Club up and running for the fall term. Please see report
 Acadia Rd. school startup: Request from PAC to leave as much choice as possible to the parents regarding transition startup plans. Note: PAC will check into continuing existing bus program until Acadia Rd. school starts up.
 request that any parents interested in organizing possible evening speakers, please contact Tim Dow
8. Moved: Denise seconded: Stephanie to adjourn meeting
 Adjourned: 10:10

Principal’s Report – PAC Update – October 2012
1. Start Up
_ very smooth; up and running Friday of the first week
_ New Staff – SSW – Meemo Dik ;Teachers: Jorden Covert, Emma Barrios. 19 divisions – 496 students; at max in most classes
2. Band is up and running with Mr. Dewreede;
3. Peer Helpers (Suzie and Joe) –
Patrol (Susan H.); & Library Monitor (Judy) programs all running
4. Photos
_ individual photos done; retakes November 4
5. Meet the Teacher Night
_ went well; no barbeque this year, but we have high hopes for next
6. Terry Fox Run
_ raised about $1300.00 for cancer research. A little less than last year.
7. Growth Plan
_ roll over from last year because of the teachers’ job action. This year’s only goal is still in the area of literacy – writing – focus on struggling learners.
_ 1st step done– SWW and DRA/RAD assessments on all students
8. Possible 1701 audit this year
9. Fire Drill
_ we’ve had 2 planned. All went well. Look forward to 3 or 4 more before the end of the school year
_ earthquake and lock down drills to come. First earthquake drill this week
10. Non Instructional Days
_ September 24th – Beaty and Gardens
_ PSA Day – October 19th – individual Pro D based on teacher interest and/or specialty areas
11. Mad Science programs have started after school Wednesdays and Thursdays
12. Individual Student Pre Conferences
_ October 16th and 17th
13. Field Trips
_ many – e.g.MOA, UBC PE, Beaty
14. Student Teachers
_ 3 this year – Suzie, Eileen, Barry

15. Assemblies
_ Welcome Back
_ Terry Fox
_ Primary
_ Remembrance Day Assembly – coming up November 8th

16. Acadia Update
_ starting to meet monthly re: transition planning
_ anticipated opening date – September 2014
_ grade 8’s next year go to new UHS
_ starting to look at the impact of Acadia on surrounding schools