1. Meeting called to order B 9:00 am
  2. Motion to adopt Minutes of May meeting B moved:   Stephanie   Seconded: Veronica
    • adopted
  3. Introduction of new Executive:
    • Chair: Julie Kucher, Mankee Mah , Sharon Wu
  4. Executive Reports:
    • PAC Chair’s Report
      • Mankee involved in ongoing meetings regarding the possible disruptions in bus service caused by road closures during the Olympic and Paralympic Games
    • Treasurer’s and Fund raising Report:
      • Direct Appeal – to go out this week
      • Grocery Vouchers – to go out next week
  5. School Reports:
    • Principal’s Report see below
  6. Staff Wish Lists and school funding requests:
    • Jump Math – subsidy as necessary
    • Peer Helper Jackets and perks – $900.00
    • Project Chef – $900.00
    • Music Program ‘stuff’ and materials $?
    • other priorities as identified by staff include technology equipment (hardware and software), field trip subsidies as in past years, literacy resources, and supplies for art, science and P.E.
  7. Other Business:
    • Code of Conduct review
      • discussion and review of changes in Code of Conduct
      • moved: Julie; seconded: Stephanie: that the Code of Conduct be approved and adopted for the school as presented.
      • carried
    • Fun Fair
      • Louise is not available this year to organize the school fun fair.
      • after discussion, it was decided to replace this year’s Fun Fair with a Run-a-thon
  8. Meeting Adjourned: 10:15

School Update

  1. Start Up
    • very smooth; up and running the 1st day of school
    • staffing now complete – New Staff – SSW B Darren; Teachers: Nik Chiu, Suzie Moldowan, Kate Foreman Ng, Elsa Ng, Sean Rupert
    • 20 divisions – 515 students; at max in most classes
  2. Band is up and running with Mr. Dewreede
  3. Peer Helpers (Jean and Shannon)
    • Patrol (Susan H.); Library Monitor (Judy) programs all running
  4. Photos
    • individual photos September 28th; retakes November 6th
  5. Meet the Teacher Night
    • worked well again this year – lots of positive comments
    • as suggested by PAC, this year we  staggered  grades and it seemed to work well.
    • PAC sign up – suggested that we include cookies again next year
  6. Terry Fox Run
    • suggested that information flyer go out to parents at the beginning of next year regarding the importance of terry Fox
    • raised about $1000.00 for cancer research
    • students learned valuable lessons in giving, community service and citizenship through their participation
  7. Growth Plan
    • staff and SPC late Spring meetings developing, reviewing  and approving growth plan for this year.  A variety of sources of information considered (student assessment results, report card info, surveys, attendance data, etc)
    • big thanks to the staff and the SPC
    • some non instructional day time was used to fine tune the plan which has now been submitted to and approved by the district and the ministry.  This year’s only goal is still in the area of literacy – writing.
    • 1st step is done – SWW and DRA/RAD assessments on all students
  8. New schools update – brochure shared
  9. Fire Drill
    • we’ve had 2.  All went well.   Look forward to 3 or 4 more before the end of the school year
    • earthquake and lock down drills to come
  10. Non Instructional Days
    • September 25th  – Inclusion of Special Needs
    • PSA Day – October 23rd –  individual Pro D based on teacher interest and/or specialty areas
  11. LEAP and Mad Science programs have started after school
  12. Individual Student Pre Conferences
    • October 21st and 22nd
    • opportunity to discuss hopes, dreams, goals, wishes for your children; nip any issues/problems in the bud
  13. Field Trips
    • many
  14. Student Teachers
    • 4 this year – Eileen, Joan S., Janet, Faidra
  15. Coming Events
    • Pro D – October 23rd
    • Remembrance Day Assembly B November 10th