PAC Meeting Minutes November 22nd, 2010

  1. Meeting called to order – 9:12
  2. Motion to adopt minutes of October meeting
    • moved: Tim seconded: Hazia
    • carried
  3. Executive Reports:
      PAC Chair’s Report – see attached
  4. School Reports:
      Principal’s Report – see attached
  5. School Planning Council Elections
    • nominations for SPC: Mankee Mah; Stephanie Dong; Hazita Harun; Tim Dow alternate
    • moved: Tim seconded: Hazita that the slate of candidates be elected as proposed
    • carried
  6. Other Business:
    • Code Of Conduct – reviewed as presented at October Meeting
      • moved: Tim ; seconded: Hazita that the Code of Conduct be approved and adopted for the school as presented
      • carried
    • Direct Appeal Funds – about $6000.00 colected
      • moved: Tim Seconded: Hazita that each teaching enrolling and Resource FTE be given $200.00 to spend on resources (1. Literacy; 2. Science, Art, P.E.; 3. Technology) and $1000.00 be spent on resources to support the focus of the Growth Plan (literacy and struggling learners) from the Direct Appeal money. (Clarification: this money is not to be spent on field trips and must be spent by Spring Break)
      • carried
    • Computer Donation – Hazita offered to donate some 3 year old computers to the school for use in classrooms and/or resource rooms. Jonathan will look into the feasablility of this donation
  7. Meeting Adjourned:

Next Meeting: Monday January 17th,  2011

PAC Chair Report

  1. Gaming Grant (Sharon)
    • Grant approved, $10,300
    • “This grant is provided to support the extra-curricular activities of students at your school. This year, grants to Parent Advisory Councils (PACs) have been restored to $20/student, based on the previous school year’s enrolment.”
  2. Playground interest group (Nancy, Veronica)
      Group formed to make an overall plan for upgrading the playground area rather than just plopping down a few pieces of new equipment. Susan DeBeck is involved from the Staff and she surveyed the staff for inputs (summary attached). We are looking forward to getting feedback from the parents through surveys as well (distributed today). There will be a meeting on Dec. 2nd at 4:00 pm in the Library to share this feedback to interested parties and to start to set some priorities for the direction that should be taken. Kathy has invited Murray Stuart (VSB staff in charge of purchasing, installation, and maintenance of playground equipment) to attend this meeting as well, as there may be many items that have been raised that we can address within the realm of maintenance, and he can provide guidance to how best to direct our efforts in the next phase of this process.
  3. Grocery Cards (Veronica)
    • Amount sold: Save-on-Foods: ~$12,000, Safeway ~$7,000, Choices: ~$2,000.
    • For Save-on-Foods and Safeway about twice the amount was ordered to be able to provide a second round of grocery cards sales in the Spring. Final amount of cheques cut were: Save-on-Foods: $18,400, Safeway: $11,040, Choices: $1,845. Email sent out to pick up the cards – see Corinna in the office.
  4. UEL Parking permits (Frank)
      Dropped due to low parent interest
  5. DPAC
    • Funding received for our PAC?
    • DPAC meetings, anyone attending?
  6. BCCPAC (Mankee)
      Apply for membership?
  7. BCTF Presentations (Hazita)
      Follow-up? Any presentations interesting for our parents?
  8. Run-a-thon (Tim)
      Need to start preparations soon

Principal’s Report– November 22nd, 2010

Extra Curricular
Volleyball – all teams having fun, doing well
 huge thanks to the teachers (Shannon MacDonald, Maggie Jackson Susan Hufty, Sean Rupert) who have coached, and the parents who have supported by driving and going to the games.
Cross Country – Final Meet has been held – not a huge representation, but kids had fun and worked hard

In school events –
 Hallowe’en Events – door decorating contests, in class events, costumes, etc.; primaries – various activities; gym stations
 1st term pre conferences and book fair – thanks to those who helped at the book fair
 photo retakes
 Remembrance Day assembly – one of the best ever
 vision screening
 Movember
 immunization clinic
 Math Fair
 Grade 7 articulation started
 2 Non Instructional day – PSA Day November 15th (the plan was: AM: DPA and Music – primary; Literacy & Learning Disabilities and planning with the Resource Team – intermediate; and PM: using the performance standards to plan for ESL instruction, and ESL Audit information). Because of a broken water main the school had no heat or water; most staff opted to do self directed professional development from home.

Field Trips:
 Divisions 10 – Earth Sciences Museum and MOA
 Divisions 19, 20 – Reifel Bird Sanctuary
 Division 11 – MOA
 Grades 6 and 7 – UBC PE
 Division 5/6 – Britannia Mines
 Division 6 – Musqueam and Salmon stream
 Divisions 1 & 2 – Vancouver Museum

 Report Cards – home the week of December 6-13
 winter and holiday events
 basketball season in January
 DARE – to start soon; our new SLO, Stacey Gibson, will be presenting the program to classes