PAC Meeting Agenda
November 9th, 2012
9:00 a.m.

1. Meeting called to order – 9:14
2. Motion to adopt minutes of October meeting
moved: Connie seconded: Denise
3. Executive Reports:

PAC Chair’s Report
• Direct Appeal has resulted in $6200.00 to date = $150.00 per FTE – please have teachers spend this BEFORE Spring Break
• Grocery card letter has gone out – will also be distributed to staff
• At the Secondary PAC meeting UBC traffic planning presented their plan for 16th Avenue crossing. There will be traffic circles at East Mall and at Marine Drive and pedestrian crossings mid block across from the high school and across from Hampton

4. School Reports:

Principal’s Report – see attached

5. School Planning Council Elections

nominations for SPC: Stephanie Dong; Tim Dow; Denise Lauritano
moved: Connie seconded: Bahareh
that the slate of candidates be elected as proposed
• Carried unanimously

6. Other Business:
Code Of Conduct – revisions reviewed
moved: Tim ; seconded: Kimberley that the Code of Conduct be approved and adopted for the school as presented
carried unanimously

School ‘Greening and Gardens initiative — presentation by Andrea
• Garden committee has an overall plan for building social responsibility through gardening, with connections to IRP’s, science and technology focus and nutrition.
• Committee consists of 6 teachers, 6 parents, administrator, Kinderclub and outside ‘experts’.
Several Phases are proposed:
• Phase 1 – this year – 6 raised beds – 1 per class, for fruits and veggies
• Phase 2—Outdoor Classroom
• Phase 3 – expanded food garden and orchard
• Several grants have been applied for – 1 for $1500.00 – already approved—to focus on food growth and use. Another for $3500.00 is pending – for lumber, supplies, irrigation and blueberry bushes
• Request that the PAC match the Evergreen grant so that seeds, soil, tools, a shed and supplies can be purchased
• Moved: Connie seconded: Bahareh that the PAC match $3500.00 in grant money, conditional on treasurer approval
• Carried unanimously
School Website:
• Website has been revised and can be accessed through the VSB (select University Hill Elementary). New format includes a PAC page for parents. Ankie and Time will coordinate this.
Speaker suggestion
• David Schwartz – (math specialist from Ontario) May cost as much as $3000.00 PAC has only $300.00 for guest speakers.
• Feedback is requested from staff.
• Suggestion was made that if the staff wanted this kind of ProD, it may be more cost effective to look at people from UBC

7. Meeting Adjourned: 1030
Next Meeting: Monday, January 14th @9:00 a.m.

PAC Update – November 19th, 2012
Extra Curricular
• Cross Country – Zone Final Meet has been held – not a huge representation, but kids had fun and worked hard
• Volleyball has begun

In school events –
1. Hallowe’en Events – in class events, costumes, etc.; primaries – various activities; gym stations
2. photo retakes
3. Remembrance Day activities – built awareness
4. Remembrance Day assembly – one of the best ever
5. vision screening
6. Movember has arrived at UHill
7. Fire Safety House
8. Math Fair – at Langara this year – fewer students but great experience
9. Report Card Conferences
10. 2nd Non Instructional day – PSA Day 3rd coming up November 30th (various offerings in the district; at school – presentations on anti bullying and behavior management systems)
11. Field Study:
Divisions 7&8 – Cannery
Division 6 – Musqueam Salmon stream
Division 11 – UBC Farm
Divisions 7—Watershed
Division 16 – Gardens
Division14&15 – UBC Farm
Division 10 & 12 – Beaty
12. Diwali Celebrations

Report Cards – going home December 14th
Winter ‘Concert’ — matinee and evening
Christmas Sing Along — the Weirs are looking for a date