UHill Elementary PAC

Meeting Minutes – May 12, 2014

1. Meeting called to order – 9:00 a.m.

2. Motion to adopt Minutes of April meeting – Moved: Kathy, Seconded:Bahareh, approved unanimously.

3. Introductions:
Co-Chair: Tim Dow; Treasurer: Christine Wang; Secretary: Sharon Yu.
School Planning Council: Janet Fang, Helen Gabor, and Nancy Brown.
Principal: Val Coopersmith, Vice Principal: Ankie Carswell.
Other attendees: Bahareh Shigematsu, Lingyun Zhang, Oraz Hezretov, Sylvia Hopper, Kathy Rozitis, Harini Rajagopal, Connie Chen, and Stephanie Dong.

4. PAC Executive Reports: (Tim, Denise, Christine, Sharon)
• PAC Year End Reports
o Treasurer – see attached
o Chair – see attached

• PAC Executive Elections for 2014/15
o Nominations
Co Chairs: Nancy Brown, Connie Chen and Helen Gabor
Treasurer: Oraz Hezretov
Secretaries: Lingyun Zhang and Harini Rajagopal
All voted in favour! carried unanimously

• Call for volunteers for Sports Day on May 23rd?
o Kathy will get the supplies needed.
o Oranges and bananas will be donated by Save-On-Food
o PAC will sell 200+ yogurt tubes, 200+ juice boxes, and 200+ chips to raise fund on the day
o We still need parent volunteers to help with the concessions throughout the day. Short shifts are available for parents who can spare only a short amount of time.

• Call for volunteers for Jump Rope for Heart on May 29, we need approx. 10-15 volunteers.

• Graduation Ceremony for Gr. 5, 6 & 7 – teachers are in charge of all the preparations, will keep updated in school Newsletters.

• Garden Committee update: For details, see blog: http://uhillgarden.wordpress.com

• Young Naturalists Club update: See YNC blog at: http://uheync.wordpress.com

• Walk & Roll completed last week – big success, good exercise to students who also enjoyed it. Should be continued in the future.

5. Principal’s Report (Val and Ankie)
On behalf of all the staff a huge thank you to the parents for the amazing staff Appreciation Lunch on Wednesday May 7th

• School Planning Council (SPC)
o Team members (Nancy Brown, Helen Gabor, Janet Fang) met on Thursday May 8 to review the 3 goals:
Literacy Goal: To improve the reading skills of Kindergarten to Grade 5 students who are minimally meeting or not yet meeting grade expectations in this area.
Social Responsibility Goal: To improve the skills of all students to contribute positively to the classroom and school community and take on leadership roles.
Aboriginal Cultural Enhancement goal: To increase knowledge, acceptance, empathy, awareness and appreciation of Aboriginal histories, traditions, cultures and contributions among all students.
o The recommendation of the committee is to continue with the social responsibility goal next year as the school moves from Kindergarten to Grade 7 enrollment to Kindergarten to Grade 5. The Aboriginal goal is district mandated but UHill staff have enthusiastically embraced this goal into curriculum and special events and activities.
o Finally, the council would like to propose a change in the academic goal for next year and will address this with teachers once the BCTF job action is over.

• School Organization 2014.15
o The draft school organization was presented to PAC. At this time the district has staffed UHill with 14 divisions for around 330 students.
o Once the specific teacher assignments have been confirmed after May 23 this information will be shared with parents through the newsletter.

• Track and Field
o About 60 students are participating this year with many teacher coaches. Please refer to the school calendar for specific dates.

• Ready Set Learn event this past Tuesday May 6 was attended with 10 families. We are hoping to increase that number next year.

• Welcome to Kindergarten event is on Tuesday June 3.

• Year End Field trips for Grade 5,6,7 students:
o Grade 5 students day field trip to Victoria on Tuesday May 13
o Grade 6 students will have an overnight camp at the school Friday June 6 and 7 Trip to the PNE Playland planning in progress; exact grades to be determined by teachers
o Grade 7 Camp Summit trip scheduled for June 11, 12, 13
*Teachers are working on the year end assemblies for the 3 grades

• Outside Mural should be completed by the end of this week

The staff and students would like to extend a warm and hearty thank you to our PAC executive this year for their hard work and service to the school community.
Tim Dow (Co-Chair)
Denise Lauritano (Co-Chair)
Sharon Yu (secretary)
Christine Wang (Treasurer)

6. New Business:
• VSB Policy on Sexual Orientation and Gender Identities
o We understand this is the kind of issue about which people tend to have strong opinions
o There is a wide variety of parent opinion and we wish to be respectful of all
o The PAC will be neutral
o Parent groups may form, and may have already formed at the high schools, and we will be happy to make information available about joining those groups provided any materials we send out are worded in neural way that are unlikely to offend anyone

• Bus Program: there will be no school buses for next year.

• Traffic safety on campus.

7. Adjournment.