PAC AGM Meeting Minutes – May 16th, 2011
9:00 am
1. Meeting called to order 9:15
2. Motion to adopt minutes of last meeting: moved: Mankee 2nd Tim
 adopted
3. School and principal’s report–
 see attached
 presentation and discussion of Growth Plan for 2011/12
 motion to adopt Growth plan as presented and discussed:
moved: Tim; seconded: Mankee
 carried
 presentation and discussion of organization for 2011/12
 motion to adopt school organization as present
moved: Mankee Seconded: Hazita
 carried

4. PAC Executive Elections for 2011/12
 Nominations:
 Co Chairs: Tim Dow, Hazita Harun
 Treasurer: Sharon Wu, Christine Wang(shadow)
 moved: Nancy seconded: Mankee
to elect the slate of nominees as presented
 carried unanimously

5. Year End Reports
 Chair– Sports Day discussed
 223 extra lunches ordered
 +40 for volunteers
 +24 for lunch sales
 concession will be open from 10-2
 Mankee will get the ice for the concession
 Treasurer’s Report – no report until after fiscal year end
6. New Business –
 Funds for Grad – $500.00 confirmed – Suzie
 Smart Board Plan for the school – Kate and committee
 SMART Board options were presented as attached
 PAC recommends that the PAC purchase an ‘old’ style Smart Board before the end of the year so that Kate can use it for a short time to see what is needed to effectively use this equipment in a classroom

 discussion about who should be the first to receive these – suggested only those committed to using them and being properly trained in their use; perhaps look at interested primary teachers first so that students are used to the technology as early as possible
 further discussion around the purchase of a set of ipads and some large monitors
 staff to develop a ‘Technology Plan’ for the school for purchase over 2 to 5 years
 Direct Appeal can then be focused on technology purchases
 Request for funds for Camp Read Story Tellers – Kathy R. – approved
 Playground Update – Nancy
 Nancy and committee have developed a prioritized list of equipment and upgrades from VSB approved suppliers over the next few years
 Mankee received an email from DPAC suggesting that it was not the PAC’s responsibility to pay for installation, rather the VSB should be covering this cost
 Nancy and Veronica will work with Murray Stewart to coordinate plans and installation

7. Meeting adjourned: 10:30

PAC Update May 16th 2011
School Activities
1. The Big One
2. Track and Field
3. Volunteer Tea & Staff Appreciation Lunch
4. Jump Rope For Heart
5. School Planning Day– School plan complete
6. Kindergarten Orientation/RSL
7. Organization 2011/12– projecting 500 students– 20 divisions; all day kindergarten
8. Immunization Clinic
9. Clean Up Your Act
10. Secondary band Concert
11. Mothers’ Day Tea – Division 16
12. Class/Panorama Photos

Field Trips
 Div. 8 – UBC Tennis
 Div. 1 & 2 – UBC Swimming
 Div. 10 – Marine Museum
 Div. 19, 20 – Kiernan’s House
 Several Divisions – Beatty Bio Diversity Museum

Upcoming Events

 Div. 5 and 6 – Parliament Buildings/Victoria
 Field Trips – year end
 Grade 7 Grad – at camp and school
 Awards Assembly – June 20th; Good Bye Assembly June 28th