UHill Elementary PAC
Meeting Minutes – January 20, 2014

1. Meeting called to order – 9:00 a.m.

2. Motion to adopt Minutes of November meeting – Moved: Tim, Seconded: Kathy, Approved.

3. Introductions:
Co-Chairs: Tim Dow;
School Planning Council: Janet Fang, Helen Gabor, and Nancy Brown.
Vice Principal: Ankie Carswell.
Other attendees: Kathy, Bahareh, Angela, Pipa, Barish

Due to upcoming information meetings regarding the new Norma Rose Point School, regular reports were submitted in writing after the meeting.
4. PAC Executive Reports: (Tim, Denise, Christine, Sharon)
Co-Chairs (Tim, Denise)
• Grocery Card Sales: Round two will start in Feb and be completed before spring break
• Staff Appreciation Lunch: Date set for Wednesday, May 7
• Garden Committee update: For details, see blog: http://uhillgarden.wordpress.com
• Young Naturalists Club update: Program runs in April, May of 2014 for 30 students. See YNC blog at: http://uheync.wordpress.com
Treasurer’s Report (Christine)
• Account Balance @Jan15, 2014:
– General 13,319.84
– Gaming 33,413.62
Major transactions:
– Direct Appeal consolidated to General Account, $7,280 deposited
– Direct Appeal Funds $6,230 allocated and transferred to the school
$3,800 for 19 div, $200 each
$600 for resource team/computer teacher/librarian, $200 each
$1,830 for school admin
– Remaining Direct Appeal remaining funds of $1,050 to go to school admin for school wide resources
– Project Chef completed, $1,000 supported to the program
• To do:
– To outline Playground project plan, making sure gaming fund used by June30.

5. Principal’s Report (Val and Ankie)
UHE will become a K – 5 school in 2014/2015 school year; Norma Rose Point will open as a K – 5 elementary school and 6-8 middle school (enrolling only up to Grade 7 in 2014-2015); UHS will become a 9 – 12 school in 2015/2016
• NEW DATE for Parent Meeting which is Tuesday January 28 at 6:30 pm
• Parent meeting at UHill secondary School for those students attending NRP school for September 2014 is on Thursday February 13 @ 6:30pm. This will be chaired by David Nelson (Director of Instruction). Rosa will have a presentation prepared along with a virtual tour.

We have a 18’ sign on Chancellor Blvd for registration, 1,000 brochures have been printed for distribution to preschools, UBC faculty & staff as well as potential faculty, letters will be send to students currently living in UHE’s catchment and attending another school to welcome them back

The district estimates that there are approximately 220 in-catchment students. Students currently attending the school that are in Kindergarten to grade 4 are welcome to finish their school years with us. This is in compliance with VSB policy. There are approximately 38 UHill catchment students in NRP or other elementary schools that we will be contacting to return to us.

Articulation for students in grade 5, 6, 7 to NRP school will occur. Teachers and administration are currently working on the articulation time line. Rosa Fazio (Principal at NRP school) will be coming to UHill to speak with the grade 5 and 6 students sometime after spring break.

Hip Hop Dance was a great success! The 6 day program concluded with a performance by all the classes.

Artist in Residence (Todd Polich) will be working with several classes to create a mural on the front wall of the school.

Foundation Skills Assessment testing for grade 4 and 7 students begins January 28th. Letters to parents were sent out on January 8, 2014 and due back by the 17th to be excluded from the testing.

Lego Robotics NEW CLUB – pilot program for 12 students aged 8 to 10 on Tuesdays

Calendar items
Monday January 27 – Professional Development for staff (Angela Brown – Active Witness)

January 31 Kindergarten registration closes – 42 kindergarten students registered to date. Some families will be applying for French Immersion or Montessori so our final number will likely be less than that. Our hope is to have 2 kindergarten classes next year.

February 5 -Arts Umbrella here for 1 week. 12 classes are participating in the workshops.

February 19 & 20 Parent Teacher Conferences beginning at 2:00pm

February 25 Open House from 6:00 to 7:30pm February 26, 27, 28 Open House 9:30 to 11:30 each day

Please discuss changing next PAC meeting as Val is at the mandatory ERASE strategy training. (Feb 24?)

6. New Business:
• Norma Rose Point Parents Meeting: Rescheduled from Jan. 23, 2014 to Jan. 28, 2014 at 6:30 pm at UHill Elem.
• Another Meeting regarding Norma Rose Point School on Thursday, February 13th at University Hill SECONDARY School at 6:30 pm. See list of questions posted to PAC website.
Motion: With the decrease in enrollment at UHill Elementary, the PAC endorses repurposing the existing portables to support an Outdoor Education Centre of Excellence for Natural Science Activities that would build on the relationships that we as a school have already established with Metro Vancouver and other community partners. The PAC encourages the VSB to assign a senior district staff member to implement this proposal.
Moved: Nancy Brown, Second: Bahareh Shigematsu. Approved unanimously.
• A new school sign donated by The Gillespie family – Stephanie to work on final design approval with school.
• GIRLsmarts – computer science courses offered through UBC.
• A presentation on bullying – Social and Emotional learning (SEL) by Angela Low would be interesting for the parents. School will support by providing meeting space in library. Angela to pick a date after spring break and schedule with the school.
• Robotics club proposal by Kyoko Horiguchi and Barish Golland.
Motion: The PAC will support the Robotics club with $1000 toward the purchase of robotics kits.
Moved: Barish Golland, Second: Tim Dow. Approved unanimously.
• Bus Program: Looking for sponsors to continue the bus program next year for UHill Elementary, discussion will be continued.
7. Adjournment.
Next PAC Meetings: Feb. 24 (***Rescheduled***), Apr. 14, May 12 (AGM)