PAC Meeting Agenda
January 23rd, 2012
9:00 am

1. Meeting called to order – 9: 10 a.m.

2. Adoption of Agenda:
moved: Connie seconded: Stephanie

3. Adoption of Minutes:
moved: Hazita seconded: Connie

4. Reports;
 PAC Chairs
 debate continues regarding 16th Avenue crossings
 welcome Shannon MacDonald – our new VP
 UHE PAC has now joined Vancouver DPAC
 School – see attached

5. YNC Update – Nancy and Connie
 6week after school program – focus on Natural Sciences
 hopefully 25 students depending on Secondary school volunteers
 relationship established with Regional Parks (Pacific Spirit)
 Nancy is working on a Grant proposal – up to $8000.00 – aimed at integrating YNC concepts into the school and classrooms. Proposed focus is partnership with UBC Botanical Gardens

6. Other Business:
 Staff Appreciation Lunch – Wednesday May 2nd
 Funds for Grad – $500.00 approved. Suggestion to have Grade 6 parent(s) shadow the committee
 Playground Improvement – at a future meeting, consider whether or not to continue planning

8. Meeting Adjourned: 10:22

PAC Update– January 17th 2012
 Report Cards– Term 1– job action
 Winter/holiday activities and festivities were fabulous. Thanks to Greg and Louise for the afternoon of fun and songs
 thanks also, to the teachers and students for their hard work in putting on the daytime concerts
 special thanks to all who contributed to the Food Bank, again, it’s a testament to the generosity of this community
 Grade 7 articulation –in process
 parent night held in January UHS
 March 1st – application deadline for secondary
 School Field Trips and Presentations
 UBC PE – finished for another year
 Divisions 14,15,7,8 MOA
 Division 11 – VAG
 Lori, Kate, Andrea – Grouse
 Many Classes – Skating
 Soccer Assembly – Canada Women’s Olympic Team
 Special Olympics Assembly
 pre and post Christmas Band Concerts
 Project Chef – Divisions 5&6
 Van Gogh – Primaries
 District Pro D Day – most went ot see Stuart Shanker or Faye Brownlie
 Student Teachers – Janet, Kate, Katharine, Eileen
 School Growth Plan – normally we would be beginning conversations with the staff about this, this year – job action precludes the conversation
 Upcoming
 February 3rd and 6th – District Closure Days
 February 17th Pro D
 FSA and satisfaction surveys – Shannon and Kathy to administer FSA; district is making decision about satisfaction surveys
 Grade 7 Articulation continues
 Kindergarten and Gr. 1-7 registration – K’s are children who will be 5 before December 31 year (2006 birth), – please register before January 31st. (We have 47 registered already). All registrations will be entered in a lottery draw after January 31st. Those chosen get spots; everyone else on waitlist for placement
 SPC – elected and first meeting to be held soon for the new SPC. Growth Plan review Role/functions of SPC reviewed.
 Technology update