UHill Elementary PAC
Meeting Minutes – February 24, 2014
1. Meeting called to order – 9:10 a.m.

2. Motion to adopt Minutes of January meeting – Moved: Kathy, Seconded: Helen, Approved unanimously.

3. Introductions:
Co-Chairs: Denise Lauritano; Treasurer: Christine Wang; Secretary: Sharon Yu.
School Planning Council: Janet Fang, Helen Gabor, and Nancy Brown.
Principal: Val Coopersmith, Vice Principal: Ankie Carswell.
Other attendees: Kathy Rozitis, Arlene Proksa, Bahareh Shigematsu, Connie Chen and Kate Foreman-Ng.

4. PAC Executive Reports: (Tim, Denise, Christine, Sharon)
– Parent feedback on UHE and NRP information meeting on Jan. 28
o The meeting was a good success
o UHE needs to emphasis on the resources we current have to continue interesting current/future families

– Staff Appreciation Lunch: Date set for Wednesday, May 7. Need help with solicit food donations and volunteers. We also need someone to be in charge of decorating the staff room, PAC will send request emails for volunteers.

– Anyone interests in taking charge of Sports Day on May 23rd – PAC will send request emails for volunteers.

– Grocery Card Sales: We have raised a total of $3,950 for the school this year! Thanks to Veronica’s team!
o Second round we sold:
Safeway: $4,500; Save-On-Foods: $15,050; Choices: $1,100
o The total of sales with the two rounds:
Safeway: $12,000; Save-On Foods: $33,000; Choices: $3,500

– Garden Committee update: For details, see blog: http://uhillgarden.wordpress.com
Request for Funding for Outdoor Classroom
o Motion: PAC will support the Outdoor Classroom with $20,000* from gaming fund.
Approved unanimously.
* This assumes suspension of the 20k allocation that was previously approved for development of the Primary Playground as the Gaming Fund has insufficient funds to support both allocations.

o Motion: To allocate $500 from the Gaming Fund* or (other appropriate source if this use of Gaming Funds is not allowed) for an honorarium for Delores Alin, a Landscape Architect who has done a significant amount of pro bono work on the Outdoor Classroom
Moved: Sharon Yu, Second: Christina Wang, Approved unanimously.
*It was later determined that this kind of expenditure is not allowed under the rules of the gaming fund. Therefore, the source of the funds will be the General Account.

– Young Naturalists Club update: Program runs in April, May of 2014 for 30 students. See YNC blog at: http://uheync.wordpress.com

5. Principal’s Report (Val and Ankie)
Organization update
We have around 305 students registered for September. Organizations are due into Human Resources on March 15. We have 28 cross boundary applications.
All staff continue to work hard at promoting the school. We also thank the numerous parents that have been supporting our school community.

Steve Cardwell (Superintendent) visit on Thursday February 13 was very successful. He was very impressed with the students he met including a presentation from the SOS Club members.

Week of Valentine celebrations, lots of fun and activities. A big thank you to our Student Council for organizing everything and raising money that will go towards a variety of charities.

Open House on Tuesday February 25 from 5:00 to 7:00pm. Everyone Welcome

For the Tuesday evening Open House please visit the Multipurpose Room where there will be UBC Farm, Young Naturalist Club, Outdoor Classroom information, Lego Robotics and Dave Ng (Michael Smith Laboratory UBC)

If you have specific questions about the school In the library there will be a slideshow on the school, SWISS /Multicultural workers, UHill Daycare, and school administration.

The SOS club members will be in the open space outside room 125 and 126.

We will post a list of classrooms that will be welcoming the public at the 3 daytime Open House sessions for Wednesday, Thursday and Friday from 9:00 to 11:30pm.

Congratulations to our basketball players (girls and boys) in grade 6 and 7 for their outstanding play and super sportsmanship

A new club to UHill is Lego Robotics. A special thanks to Barish and

Mural legacy project (Artist in School grant) presented by Kate Foreman (grade 1 teacher)
The intention of the mural is to connect nature and environment
The artist is Todd Polich.
Front of the school is the site that is being considered. Cost is $8100
Ocean to woods to air would be the flow of the mural.
Students learn about Biodiversity through gaming cards (David Ng UBC) Digital images will be taken from the mural and cards will be created.

Older classes will document the painting of the wall
Everyone will have an opportunity to contribute to the wall
Benefits of the mural includes educational purposes as a focus point with curriculum, first nation, art, science, etc.
Legend will be considered as part of the mural so students can identify specific images in the mural

Outdoor classroom project has been an item for discussion with staff and will continue to be discussed in detail at the staff meeting February 26. Thank you to Nancy Brown (parent) for taking the lead on this project. Detailed sketch/plans will be presented at the Open House.

Teacher plans for year-end celebrations/activities for grade 5, 6, 7 students will include a year end assembly for all 3 grades ( with grade 7 as the major focus) in addition to special events such as grade 5 students going to Victoria, grade 6 students doing a school ground camp, and grade 7 student attending Camp Summit.
Please note that teachers are still in the planning stages and will be communicating with parents closer to the year end. If you have any specific questions please speak to your child’s teacher directly.

6. New Business:
– The mural project – Kate Foreman-Ng
o Motion: PAC approves $6,600 to the mural project
Moved: Denise Lauritano, Second: Nancy Brown, Approved unanimously.
– Lego Robotics Pilot Program has successfully launched with 12 students, for more info, please check website at http://uhelegorobotics.wordpress.com

7. Adjournment.
Next PAC Meetings: Apr. 14, May 12 (AGM)