PAC Update–February18th, 2013


Grades 4 and 7 testing completed
the district still responsible for marking the written portion
Report Cards
conferences went well – this year we tried pre conferences to allow students to show what they’d learned, to set goals for term 3, to give a heads up about progress prior to report cards going home
Pro D Day

most attended Stuart Shanker – Self Regulation


current plan – focus on Writing
we are in the process of collecting the Spring Assessment data; reviewing progress and adapting or looking at changes for next year.
We are going to examine our progress in literacy development t, look at Social Responsibility and Science as possible focusses for next year.
Field Trips/Performances

Grade 3 – Mt. Seymour
Division 17,18,19 – Norman Rothstein Theatre
Division 12 — MOA
Division 5 – UBC Badminton
Arts Umbrella –Stage Coach
Division 14, 15 – China Town and Sun Yat Sen Gardens
Metis Jigging
Lunar new Year Activities including Lion Dance
Ache Brazil Dance Performance

Primary and Intermediate Assemblies and House Days – fun for kids and build school spirit and cohesion

Family Day – first time for Feb. stat holiday

Student Council

sponsored Valentine’s Day activities

immunization clinic and hearing clinics have been held – all survived

Basketball season almost over

Acadia Road School Update

discussions continue. VSB reps to come to February 18th PAC meeting to hear parent input

Grade 7 Articulation
secondary registration forms have gone home, must be in by March 1st
staff articulation visits coming up
VSB Budget
expected shortfall – many millions for 2013/14
VSB trying to be very creative in looking at how to solve the budget issues for this year.