PAC Meeting Agenda
February 20th, 2012

1. Meeting called to order – 9:00 a.m.

2. Approval of the Minutes
 moved: Nancy seconded: Connie

3. Approval of the Agenda
 motion to approve: Nancy Seconded: Connie

4. Executive Reports:
 PAC Co- Chairs’ Report
 UHS Play – See Me Fly – great production put on by the secondary students
 suggestion that PAC or grade 7 parents may want to do some fund-raising for Camp
 Fund Raising/Casino/Treasurer’s Report – Sharon sends apologies
 must spend $4000.00 by June and another $4000.00 by September – either playground/ infrastructure or technology
 please email PAC with suggestions

5. School Reports:
 Principal’s Report– See attached

6. Other Business:
 YNC update – Connie – deferred to April meeting
 Technology in Schools – Audrey Van Alstyne(VSB)

7. meeting adjourned – 10:30 a.m.

Technology in Schools – Audrey Van Alstyne (VSB)

 focus for VSB is on putting technology into kids hands to add value to their learning – “hands on, rather than hands up” – emphasis on group work, team work, collaboration as tools for learning
 additional focus is on ‘digital citizenship’ to make sure kids are safe on line – VSB is developing an internet Code of Conduct based on Respect for Self and Others
 expect the school to be wireless in the near future – likely by Christmas
 we are moving beyond labs – VSB is not dismantling labs but is questioning
whether or not to support them . Labs aren’t leaving right away, but support for them is questionable
 is it appropriate to have kids go to labs or should the technology be going into kids hands?
 technology tools are used in schools, hopefully, only when they add value to learning
 focus on teamwork – partners and small group learning help with both social responsibility and self regulation
 examples given of different technologies and their pros and cons
 smart boards – we have 2 – soon 3
 ipad carts – set of 30 recommended as a starting point for the school – easy to move, students can look after the cart
 Apple TV – a small device that lets the ipad talk to a TV or projector while the teacher walks around; allows students to share their work; allows access to all technology capabilities
 large monitors – some advantages (group work) and some disadvantages
 emphasis on teacher development/learning as the key
 hopefully able to identify 3-4 ‘teacher leads’ at UHE to learn about and use the technology in their classrooms, then become mentors to others who are interested – a start slow and scaffold to success model
 goal – to make students’ learning more engaging
 discussion of research/ inquiry model
 VSB recommends th BCTLA Research Process endorsed by the Ministry of Education – an inquiry based research guide
 emphasizes teaching kids how to find credible sources for information

PAC Update–February 20th 2012
 Grades 4 and 7 testing completed
 Shannon and Kathy administered
 the district still responsible for marking the written portion
Report Cards
 unless something changes re: job action, reports for Term 2 will be similar to those sent home in Term 1
Pro D Day
 most attended Primary Literacy Day, Technology conference, or Tupper Special Edducation workshops
 current plan – focus on Writing
 normally we would be collecting the Spring Assessment data around this time; reviewing progress and adapting or looking at changes for next year.
 we had thought we may change to a science goal to accommodate a new focus for the school, but likely not this year
Field Trips/Performances
 Grade 7 sledding
 Division 7 & 8 – MOA
 many classes – VSO – Perer and the Wolf
 many classes – skating
 Lunar new Year Activities including Lion Dance
 Divisions 6 &7 Science World
 Groupo America

Primary and Intermediate Assemblies

District Closure Day

Student Council
 sponsored Valentine’s Day activities
 immunization clinic and hearing clinics have been held – all survived

Basketball season almost over

Acadia Road School Update
 expect that tender will be awarded soon.
 expected completion September 2013.

Grade 7 Articulation
 secondary registratiion forms have gone home, must be in by March 1st
 staff articulation visits coming up
VSB Budget
 expected shortfall – approximately $ million for 2012/13
 VSB trying to be very creative in looking at how to solve the budget issues for this year.