PAC Meeting Minutes
February 28th, 2011

1. Meeting called to order – 9:00 a.m.

2. Minutes of January meeting
 no minutes from January meeting as it was an Acadia Road proposal information session

3. Approval of the Agenda
 motion to approve: Tim Seconded: Mankee

4. Executive Reports:
 PAC Co- Chairs’ Report

 Fund Raising/Casino/Treasurer’s Report
 Grocery Cards – Veronica has started the second round
 direct appeal money must be spent by staff before Spring Break

5. School Reports:
 Principal’s Report– See attached

6. Other Business:
 Teacher Appreciation Lunch – April 13 – Louise Weir to coordinate
 Run-A-Thon – Tim to be in touch with Janet and Suzie regarding organization
 Grad
 moved: Mankee seconded: Tim
 that a budget of up to $500.00 be set aside for Grad expenditures
 carried

7. meeting adjourned – 9:25 a.m.

PAC Update–February 28th 2011
 Grades 4 and 7 testing completed
 the district still responsible for marking the written portion
Report Cards
 December conferences were very successful
 reports home this term week of March 11th
 conferences – most student led – March 16th qnd 17th – some may be held at other times
Pro D Day
 most attended Primary Literacy Day, Technology conference, Dibels workshop, Supporting Sexual Development of Special Needs Students, Chinatown tour
 current plan – focus on Writing
 spring assessment coming up; RSL coming up
 School plan– Reviewed progress to date in goal areas Plans , progress are being reviewed and adapted, plans for next year being developed
 investigating a change in goals to Social Development
Field Trips/Performances
 Grade 7 sledding
 Divisions 13 and 14 – Chinatown Tour
 Divisions 5, 6, 10 – snowshoeing
 Division 4 – Vancouver Museum
 Division 8 – MOA
 many classes – VSO
 many classes – skating
 BC Lions Energy Smart Presesntation
 Red Sky theater
 Lunar new Year Activity Day
 UBC Sororities Fair
 Pink Day (anti bullying)
Student Council
 sponsored Valentine’s Day activities
 immunization clinic and hearing clinics have been held – all survived
Grade 5 DARE ongoing
Basketball season over
RCMP visits to classrooms

Acadia Road School Update
 modified proposal has been approved by VBE
 all current students and their siblings have been grandfathered in the school
 catchment areas have been approved as proposed
Grade 7 Articulation
 secondary placements
 staff articulation visits coming up
VSB Budget
 expected minimum shortfall – $8-12 million for 2011/2012
 VSB trying to be very creative in looking at how to solve the budget issues for this year.