1. Meeting called to order -9:10 a.m.
  2. Minutes of January meeting
    • Moved: Louise; Seconded: Julie
    • Approved
  3. Approval of the Agenda
    • Motion to approve: Julie; Seconded: Mankee
    • Carried
  4. Executive Reports:
    • PAC Co- Chairs’ Report
      • no report
    • Fund Raising/Casino/Treasurer’s Report
      • no report
    • please remind teachers to use PAC field trip money
  5. School Reports:
    • Principal’s Report – See below
  6. Other Business:
    • Fun Fair Update
    • May 29th confirmed; the school has been booked and rentals have been cancelled for this date
    • Fair will run from 5:00 to 7:30 p.m.
    • M&M Meats to do barbeque again
    • secondary students and grade 7 students as volunteers – Louise to coordinate
    • 50/50 draw – Mankee to get gaming license
    • VSB Budget information – timeline, schedule of meetings, prelimiary information shared
    • PAC input –
    • What’s working – dedicated staff(including SSW’s and Resource/support staff); FT principal and .40 VP; library open FT;
    • what’s not working – SSW and RT case loads are becoming unmanageable; no reductions; overcrowding at UHE – new school needed;
    • what’s missing – adequate Resource Teacher and SSW allocation; additional admin time, at least until new schools are complete
    • Computer Lab – parent’s to investigate purchase of ‘literacy supporting educational games’ for lab use
  7. Meeting Adjourned – 10:15

School Report


  • every class participating; performance March 10th – Matinee and evening – space and tickets limited; please attend in the afternoon if posible


  • February 9th to 18th
  • back to paper tests this year; the district still responsible for marking the written portion

Report Cards

  • December conferences were very successful
  • reports home this term March 11th – some teachers may be next week
  • conferences – most student led – March 12th and 13th

Book Fair

  • during the week of conferences, the library will sponsor a book fair (March 11, 12, 13) to raise funds for literacy purchases for the collection.

Pro D Day

  • most to Literacy Day at Killarney
  • Shannon and Susan H. to Seattle to


  • 1ST SPC meeting held
  • changes for this year
  • Learning Inquiry group started
  • spring assessment coming up
  • RSL coming up
  • School growth plan – Reviewed progress to date in goal areas Plans , progress are being reviewed and reviewed and adapted, plans for next year being developed

Field Trips

  • Grade 6/7 UBC Basketball
  • K’s Skating
  • Grade 7’s – Cross Country Skiing
  • Primaries – VSO

Student Council

  • sponsored Valentine’s Day activities – Scavenger Hunt – Queen of Hearts


  • immunization clinic was held last Wednesday – all survived

Grade 6/7 Dance

  • first of the year – all survived

Grade 7 DARE started

Grade 7 Articulation

  • chool visits for students
  • secondary placements
  • staff articulation visits


  • no thanks
  • Gum – yuck and computer lab
  • electronics – fights, no exercise, etc.


  • SPELLING BEE held last week of January

NEW SCHOOLS UPDATE – as of Feb.19th

  • the University of B.C. area schools project would combine physical facilities and educational resources to fulfill the learning of students in the community
  • The UBC area schools project is currently before government awaiting approval
  • Ministry of Education officials have indicated that the ministry supports the project in principle.
  • VBE strongly supports the new schools and is hopeful that the project will be approved soon