UHill Elementary PAC
Meeting Minutes – April 14, 2014
1. Meeting called to order – 9:05 a.m.
2. Motion to adopt Minutes of February meeting – Moved: Helen, Seconded: Kathy, approved unanimously.
3. Introductions:
Co-Chairs: Tim Dow, Denise Lauritano; Treasurer: Christine Wang; Secretary: Sharon Yu.
School Planning Council: Janet Fang, Helen Gabor, and Nancy Brown.
Principal: Val Coopersmith, Vice Principal: Ankie Carswell.
Other attendees: Kathy Rozitis, Kate Foreman-Ng, and Stephanie Dong.

4. PAC Executive Reports: (Tim, Denise, Christine, Sharon)
• VSB budget cut – please refer to PAC emails

• Staff Appreciation Lunch: Date set for Wednesday, May 7. Helen will help with solicit food donations and volunteers. Janet is in charge of decorating the staff room.
Motion: To allocate $500 from general fund to use on Staff Appreciation Lunch, if needed.
Moved: Helen, Seconded: Janet, approved unanimously. Hopefully parents will donate all the food but one year donations were low and we needed to buy food. This allocation is just an “if absolutely needed” measure in case donations are unusually low.

• Call for volunteers for Sports Day on May 23rd?
o Kathy will go to Costco to get the supplies needed.
o We need parent volunteers to help with the concessions throughout the day. Short shifts are available for parents who can spare only a short amount of time.

• Garden Committee update: For details, see blog: http://uhillgarden.wordpress.com
o Has the $20,000 fund request approved by the gaming branch? – The project is still under planning stage and subject to VSB’s amendment and approval.
o A Neighbourhood Small Grant funding application was submitted on April 7th to solicit up to $500 for our school garden. Nancy will advise if it is granted.

• Grocery Cards Sale: raised $4,000 in two round!

• Young Naturalists Club update: See YNC blog at: http://uheync.wordpress.com
o YNC registration is underway, and we have 28 UHS students working with us to develop the six week program which will begin April 22nd and run until May 27th.
o Nancy is submitting a grant application to Evergreen and RBC for watershed workshops (related to YNC activities and Grade 4 curriculum which we hope to enhance if the grant is received). It is due April 18th.

• Volunteers needed for Walk & Roll in May.

5. Principal’s Report (Val and Ankie)

• Vancouver Board of Education Preliminary Budget Proposals for 2014.15
o The first meeting for public input is scheduled for Tuesday April 14 at 7:00pm at Mount Pleasant Elementary.
o If parents are unable to attend the public meetings they can submit a written response. Please go on the VSB website for the link.
o Cuts are intended to save money without impacting classroom teachers. The trade off is that many other programs and services we have enjoyed are at risk.
o Proposed cuts include band/strings programs, athletic coordinators (people who coordinate inter-school competitions and games), psychologists, counselors, and more. There is also a proposal to add more non-instructional days in November around Remembrance Day so that the week of Nov 11 would be a week with no school.

• Cross Boundary Applicants
o We have had a very positive response to parents completing cross boundary applications.
o Acceptance of cross boundary applications have followed VSB Policy which is as follows:
– Students from downtown schools (Elsie Roy, Lord Roberts) that are over subscribed
– Students enrolled as residents during the current school year or accepted on a cross-boundary application at the school during the previous year
– Siblings (when other siblings are attending the school concurrently
– Student enrolled in on-site child care programs, or whose child care needs are provided
– Students whose residence falls within the attendance catchment areas of other
– Students whose residence falls outside the Vancouver School District

We have accepted as many cross boundary students as we can at this time and will continue to work through the list as enrollment spaces allow. Any parents with concerns or questions should contact the principal or vice principal.

• Vancouver School Board School Calendar
The proposed school calendar was shared for the 2014.15 school year. http://www.vsb.bc.ca/draft-school-calendar-2014-15-and-key-dates-2015-16

• School Fees
The proposed University school fee structure was shared with the PAC. The same fees for the 2013.14 school year will apply to next school year with the exception of the Student Agenda where there is a reduction from $10 to $7.

The proposed supplementary fees for 2014.15 are as follows:
Student Agenda $7.00
Performance $12.00
Activity Fee $10.00
Workbooks $10.00 (for some divisions)

• Professional Development Day – Monday April 28
School Plan (am)
Science in Action follow up (pm)

• Staffing 2014.15
Staffing will be presented to PAC at the May 12th

• Volunteer Tea – Wednesday April 23rd
Invitations will go out tomorrow to everyone that volunteered at UHill this year.

• Calendar – upcoming events
Please refer to the calendar in the most recent newsletter for all upcoming events and activities.

6. New Business:
• Hockey Gears: students from different grades wrote letters to PAC requesting fund to purchase hockey equipments for School Street Hockey.
Motion: To allocate $1,820 from gaming fund on purchasing hockey gears for UHE School Street Hockey.
Moved: Stephanie, Seconded: Christine, approved unanimously.

• Earth Day BBQ is taking place on April 22nd. We have invited all students at our school, as well as community partners to join us. Please help us with invitations to local community leaders who you think should attend.

• Bus Program: Looking for sponsors to continue the bus program next year for UHill Elementary, discussion will be continued.

• Traffic safety on campus.

7. Adjournment.
Next PAC Meetings: May 12 (AGM)