Minutes from meeting April 15, 6.30 – 8.00 pm UHE school
Leader: Tim Dow
Attendants: 3 representatives from C&CP (Carol, Gabriella, ?), 2 representatives from MOTI ( , ), principal Kathy Pickford, 6 parents

1. Introduction by Tim, talked about catchment areas of school on campus
2. Carol PP slides and talk about 16th Ave. corridor improvements: they added, in response to community concern:
Bike lanes, bus stops, midblock crossing, sidewalks, enhanced lighting
Meeting with MOTI: MOTI considers speed 50 km/h, 30 km/h in both roundabouts, addition of orange flashing light at pedestrian crossing, audible message system
MOTI says they don’t add red light because it gives false sense of safety, discussion of +1 lane eastbound on 16th, Binning extension (see transportation planning website)
3. Tim: PAC wants 1 lane crossing, will write letter to MOTI, C&CP
4. Tim summarizes concerns re: Chancellor situation, shows Google pictures and maps, makes suggestions for improvements, MOTI responds they will monitor the situation
5. Gabriella updates on Walk and Roll to school week (May 27 – 31), a joint project by UNA and C&CP:
Students mapped out a route
Behavioural side
Identifying safe routes
Promote sustainable and active transportation on campus
Next organizational meeting Thu, 4.00 – 5.30 at Old Barn, to engage community, Tim will send out email to all parents