PAC Meeting Minutes
April 16th, 2012

1. Meeting called to order – 9:10 am
2. Approval of the Minutes – moved: Connie seconded: Stephanie
 approved
3. Approval of the Agenda – moved: Connie seconded: Stephanie
 approved
4. Executive Reports:
 PAC Chair’s Report – UHS next PAC meeting will focus on traffic issues, specifically the 16th Avenue crossing. They are hoping that UHE parents/PAC will go to the meeting and/or write a letter of support for an overhead walkway (overpass).
 Fund Raising/Casino/Treasurer’s Report – $4000.00 to be spent by year end. Will be spent on a set of ipads (10) for the school.

5. School Reports:
 Principal’s Report– see attached
6. School Plan
 because of the job action, the plan will carry on from this year
 focus continues to be on literacy development (writing emphasis)
 looking at those vulnerable and how to best support and at assessment for learning and how it informs instruction
 Pac endorsement. Moved: Hazita; seconded: Connie that the PAC endorse the rollover of the current School Plan (with minor tweaking) to the 2012/13 school year.
 carried
 will review with SPC for final approval
7. School Fees Schedule
 School Fees schedule was explained to PAC
 endorsed. will be taken to SPC for final approval.
8. Sports Day
 May 25th
 Donna will do pizza/juice lunch if requested.
 staff to arrange for and organize student volunteers through the secondary school
 PAC (Stephanie) organized food and food sales last year. Hazita will recruit a new person as Stephanie is unavailable this year. Stephanie will advise.

9. New School Update
 Acadia Road letters– have gone out as per last school year. Give AR catchment parents the option of moving over to the new school.
 info re: construction– VSB planning and facilities says that the new school is on track to open in September 2013.

10. Young Naturalists’ Club Update – Connie
 club is up and running. was way over enrolled and had to be limited.
 Has had its first meeting.
 bat boxes are here. installation pending.
 the club needs a computer to accommodate a live feed to bat/bird boxes. Hazita to work with Nancy re: donation of a computer.

11. Other Business
 Volunteer Tea – Wednesday, April 25th @ 3:15
 Staff Appreciation Luncheon – May 2nd – details to go home Tuesday, April 24th
 AGM May 16th – Tim will run again – thanks. Others?
 Budget proposals – explained and distributed. Budget consultation meetings scheduled for April 19th, 24th, and 25th.
 Jump Rope volunteers needed. Hazita to send an email request to parents.

Meeting adjourned: 9:50 A.M.

PAC Update–April 16the, 2
1. Field Trips, performers, etc–
 Skating
 Carousel Theater
 Special Olympics Assembly
 Primary Assembly
 Iranian New Year – Primaries
 Intermediate math fair

2. Notice of Late Return– if you are going to return to UHill in the fall but not on Sept. 6th you must fill out a Notice of Late Return– see office. Spots cannot be held past Sept. 30
3. Grade 7 articulation
4. Lost and Found– lots of lost, very little found. Please check.
6. School Calendar– To be published in end of May newsletter; dates to be announced
7. VSB Budget for 2012/13 – proposals and process reviewed and discussed
8. Report Cards Term 3
9. Dance Program – no child will ever be excluded because of financial hardship
10. Upcoming events:
 The Big One – District Wide drill May 3rd. We will not be releasing students to parents this year.
11. Student Teachers we have 3
12. Math Contests – grades 3-7
13. Code Red