1. Meeting called to order
  2. Approval of the Minutes – deferred to May meeting
    • Approval of the Agenda – moved: Louise; seconded: Tim
  3. Executive Reports:
    • PAC Chair’s Report
      • information meeting held last week regarding Acadia site school. PAC would like to have regular information meetings with VSB facilities staff
    • Fund Raising/Casino/Treasurer’s Report
      • PAC has applied for PST rebate
      • gaming fund has $20 000; general PAC fund $17 000
      • approximately $3400.00 has been raised from grocery voucher sales to date
      • Nancy and Veronica will create a plan for updating the primary playground
  4. School Reports:
    • Principal’s Report – see below
  5. School Plan
    • focus continues to be on literacy development (writing emphasis)
    • looking at those vulnerable and how to best support and at assessment for learning and how it informs instruction
    • will be meeting with SPC soon
  6. Sports Day
    • staff to arrange for and organize student volunteers through the secondarfy school
    • PAC will organize food and food sales
  7. Other Business
    • budget expenditures
      • moved: Mankee; 2nd: Tina
        that budget expenditures be approved as follows:

        • Direct Appeal: $250.00 for each enrolling teacher to spend on literacy resource and $2000.00 for the Resource Team to spend on literacy resources – must be spent by May 15th; receipts to Corinna for reimbursement
        • Gaming: up to $1500.00 on science supplies/resources; up to $1000.00 on art supplies; 2 boom boxes; 2 LCD projectors; 4 flip videos
        • carried
    • Volunteer Tea – Wednesday, May 5th at 1:45
    • Staff Appreciation Luncheon – Wednesday, May 26th
    • AGM May 31st
    • Budget cuts
      • discussion of possible cuts and their impact at UHE; PAC members attended rally and will look into postcard campaign
    • Run A Thon Proposal
      • tentatively scheduled for April 20th, 2011
      • kick off assembly April 6th
      • Goal – raise $15 000 to support student fitness
      • will be comprised of a 1 hour run, 3 groups, laps around playground
      • pledges will be per lap
      • ‘feet’ for chain will be given as laps are completed
      • PAC will recruit prizes/donations from local fitness retailers
      • Kathy to present to staff at next SAC meeting
    • Bakeless Bake sale proposal
      • donation rather than baking idea presented
      • each child would create his/her own ‘cake’ containing a donation
      • ‘cakes’ to be judged; winner to receive movie tickets
      • class that brings in the most donations – pizza party
      • Kathy to present to staff at next SAC meetin

School Report

  1. Reports Conferences went beautifully – student leds mostly
  2. Field Trips, performers, etc.
    • Royal Canadian Mint
    • Belkin Gallery
    • Maritime Museum
    • Science World
    • Beach Studies
    • Marimba Muzuva
  3. Notice of Late Return – if you are going to return to UHill in the fall but not on Sept. 7th you must fill out a Notice of Late Return – see office. Spots cannot be held past Sept. 30
  4. “School Plan Events”
    • collaboration time/ Grade Group Meetings (grade 1,3,5)
    • consideration of Data trends and direction setting for next year
    • data trends and proposed directions reviewed as attached
    • ‘draft’ plan completed will go to SAC tomorrow
    • SPC meeting to be held after May 3rd
    • focus for 10/11 is on writing and on struggling learners
  5. Grade 7 articulation – ESL testing and Grade 7 visit to secondary school
  6. Lost and Found -lots of lost, very little found. Please check.
  7. School Calendar – To be published in May newsletter; dates to be announced
  8. UBC Reading Week – Grades 1, 2, 4/5
  9. VSB Budget for 2009/10 – proposals and process reviewed and discussed
  10. Class and panorama pictures
  11. Report Cards and Conferences
  12. Van Gogh and Stagecoach
  13. Earth week activities
  14. Tennis XL – no child will ever be excluded because of financial hardship
  15. Upcoming events:
    • The Big One – District Wide drill May 6th. We will not be releasing students to parents this year.
    • Axis Mime;
    • Stuart Little
  16. Student Teachers
  17. UBC Schools approved
  18. School Meals Program
    • Enough surveys returned that we will proceed on a full pay basis. MANY surveys not returned
  19. Math Contests – Grades 3-7
  20. Math Fair Intermediate
  21. Track and Field
  22. Code Red
  23. SLO – presentations and involvement in activities related to ‘Pink Shirt’ Day