1. Meeting called to order – 9:10
  2. Approval of the Minutes – deferred to May meetingApproval of the Agenda – moved: Julie seconded: Mankee – approved
  3. Executive Reports:
    • PAC Chair’s Report
      • Mankee has investigated an advance green traffic light; cost is $100 000 – $150 000. Other options will be explored
    • Fund Raising/Casino/Treasurer’s Report
      • Wenshu to discuss with Frankie the use and disbursement of Casino/PAC funds for 09/10. Gaming funds must be spent
      • grocery vouchers raised over $3900.00. – next round will be Choices and Stongs only
      • Mankee, Louise and Julie will be the 3 names on the gaming license application for next year
  4. School Reports:
    • Principal’s Report– see attached
  5. Fun Fair – May 29th
    • Rummage Sale– please bring stuff. It will be stored in the basement
    • School and fields have been booked
  6. Sports Day
    • staff to coordinate high school volunteers; PAC to pay for their lunches and lunches for children not on the lunch program. Cost of lunch is $5.00 per child
    • Stephanie/Eva will coordinate food sales
    • Louise will make fruit kabobs
  7. Other Business
    • Volunteer Tea – Wednesday, April 22nd at 1:45
    • Staff Appreciation Luncheon – Wednesday, April 29th
    • AGM May 25th

School Report

  1. Reports Conferences went beautifully–student leds mostly
  2. Field Trips, performers, etc –
    • VSO -primaries
    • Grade 7 – DARE
    • Division 9– VAG
    • Tennis B.C.
    • Skating – Div. 19/20
    • UBC PE student teachers
    • Canadian Math Contest(s)
    • Munsch Alley
    • Secret World of Og
    • Carousel Theater
    • Tennis B.C.
    • Vancouver Museum – Div. 7
    • Van Deusen – Div. 16
    • Hip Hop Performance
  3. Notice of Late Return– if you are going to return to UHill in the fall but not on Sept. 8th you must fill out a Notice of Late Return– see office. Spots cannot be held past Sept. 30
  4. “School Plan Events”
    • collaboration time/ Grade Group Meetings
    • consideration of Data trends and direction setting for next year
    • data trends and proposed directions reviewed as attached
    • majority of ‘draft’ plan completed and approved by staff
    • SPC meeting to be held after May 4th
    • focus for 09/10 is on writing and on struggling learners
  5. Grade 7 articulation – ESL testing and Grade 7 visit to secondary school
  6. Lost and Found– lots of lost, very little found. Please check.
  7. School Calendar– proposed dates reviewed as attached. To be published in May newsletter
  8. Parking and pick up – Henry Ah King came to see traffic concerns; will follow up with recommendations
  9. VSB Budget for 2009/10 – proposals and process reviewed and discussed
  10. Class and panorama pictures
  11. Action Passports assembly and information home
  12. Project Chef – Evelyn’s and Joanna/Carina’s
  13. Earth week activities
  14. Clean Up Your Act
  15. Upcoming events:
    • The Big One – District Wide drill May 7th. We will not be releasing students to parents this year.
    • Axis Mime;
    • Stuart Little
  16. Recent UEL events
  17. UBC Schools approved
  18. School Meals Program
    • UHE no longer qualifies as a fully funded school meals program
    • over the next year or so we’ll be looking at whether or not the community wants to maintain the lunch program as a cost recovery program
    • the process for this is determined by the VSB and has not yet been fully fleshed out
    • as we are virtually a cost recovery program now, I’m anticipating that the community will want to continue the program
    • may mean a small increase in monthly cost
    • its suggested that there may be a small subsidy pot for those who cannot afford the program