Call for Volunteers – Bike’N’Roll from Acadia Park


Since September 2014, our Walk’N’Roll biking group has been riding through Pacific Spirit Park beautiful forest every single school day. It’s been an amazing experience!

Do you want to join us?

  • Your child gets a chance to ride through the forest every day (for some kids in the group, it’s the best part of the day ;-))
  • As a parent, you volunteer one or twice during the week (depending if your child wants to join only mornings or both mornings and afternoons).
  • You get to be part of a great team of parents that make this biking group a safe and fun place for your kids to be part of.

In case you’re interested or have any questions:

UBC/UEL Alliance for Biking and Walking

The access roads to UBC function more like rural highways than urban roads, they often fail to safely accommodate cyclists and pedestrians. This is in particular a concern for elementary school children cycling and walking to UHill.
The UBC/UEL Alliance for Cycling and Walking has set up a website at to inform about the access roads to UBC, facilitate a discussion about what people want the roads to look like and encourage people to participate in the Ministry of Transportations public input period on the 10 year transportation plan.
 The roads are owned and maintained by several different entities, including the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, UBC, UEL, UNA and others. Bringing about change that enables safe walking and cycling will take time, but hopefully we can get the discussion started.