Bus Program Update for 2013/2014

Hi Everyone,

The school bus program will operate for the 2013-14 school year. Information and registration forms can be found at http://uhillpacp.wordpress.com/bus-program/

The bus program is completely optional! The VSB indicates that it is the parents’ responsibility to get their children to school. It is up to parents to decide how their kids will get to school each day and to make appropriate arrangements.

A few highlights:

•If you wish to have your child participate in the bus program, please bring the completed registration form and payment with you to school on the first day. Payment consists of two cheques for each child : one for term 1 and one for term 2. So for every child you wish to have participate in the bus program, please submit a registration form and two cheques. Registration will be much easier and quicker if you have the registration form completed and the cheques written by the time you arrive at school on the first day.
•Ridership is first-come, come, first-served, with the priority as described in the letter
•If a space is available for your child/children, they will receive a confirmation letter at school by September 10.
•The Bus Program will begin operating on Wednesday September 11
•This is the last year of the bus program

Enjoy the rest of summer!