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This year, a parent committee will administer the bus program for U Hill Elementary.

The University Town School Bus Program will begin operating on Wednesday September 12. If you want your child to use the bus, please complete the Registration Form and submit your payment to the school by Friday September 7. Registration will be on a first-come first-serve basis.

  • Eligibility The bus program is open to families living in UNA neighbourhoods (e.g. Hampton Place, Hawthorn Place, and Acadia Park Family Housing.)
  • Wait List There is a limited amount of space on the bus. The registration forms will be collected on Friday September 7. The first 168 eligible riders to submit their forms will be provided with bus passes on Tuesday September 11 and will be able to use the bus starting Wednesday September 12. A waitlist will be available at the school office for additional riders to join the program as space becomes available.
  • User fee = $20/child/month. There are no fee adjustments for one-way riders.
  • Payment – 2 terms. Please submit cheques for both terms by Friday September 7. All cheques should be payable to UBC. Separate monthly payments (e.g. sending in one cheque each month) for the program will not be accepted.
    • Term 1 – September to December – $80 (date cheque September 7, 2007)
    • Term 2 – January to June – $120 (date cheque January 7, 2008)
  • NSF Cheques. If you submit a cheque and there are insufficient funds in the account at the time of deposit, UBC is charged a $25 fee by the bank. This fee will be charged back to the user who submitted the NSF cheque, in addition to the amount owing.
  • Registration Form
  • Route and Schedule
  • Withdrawing from the program.You may withdraw from the program at the beginning of each term and your post-dated cheques will be disposed of. You will not be refunded for remaining months of the current term. To withdraw, send an email to deborah.donn@ubc.ca at least one week prior to the beginning of a new term.
  • Contact: utownbus@gmail.com.