PAC Executive Transition

Dear Fellow PAC members,

Please join me in welcoming Jen McCutcheon as the new Chair, and Alicia Tkachuk as the new Vice-chair, of the University Hill Elementary School Parent Advisory Council.  Jen and Alicia joined the PAC in their executive position on January 16, 2018, replacing Eric Douglas, the previous Chair, and Gary Leitch, the previous Vice-chair, who have both resigned.  Eric is now the Immediate Past Chair.  The procedure for succession of executive members who resign is described in the UHE PAC bylaws as follows:

“If an executive member resigns or ceases to hold office for any other reason, the remaining executive members may appoint a member of the Council to fill the vacancy until the next annual general meeting.”

In their capacity as remaining members of the executive, Jenny Chen (Treasurer) and Lingyun Zhang (Secretary) have appointed Jen and Alicia to their respective positions as new Chair and Vice-chair.  They have also asked me, HsingChi von Bergmann, to assist with this transition and announce their decision to the membership.

According to the bylaws, the roles of the Chair, Vice-chair, and Immediate Past Chair, are as follows:

“The Chair shall

a) speak on behalf of the Council,
b) consult with Council members,
c) preside at general and executive meetings,
d) prepare meeting agendas,
e) form committees where authorized by the membership or the Executive,
f) ensure that the Council is represented in school and district activities,
g) ensure that Council activities are aimed at achieving the Objectives set out in the


h) facilitate communication among the committee chairs, the general PAC membership,

the school faculty and administration, and outside entities as needed to further the

Purpose of the PAC; and

i) submit an annual report.

The Vice-Chair shall

a) assume the duties of the Chair in the Chair’s absence or upon request and
b) assist the Chair in the performance of the Chair’s duties.

The Immediate Past Chair shall

a) advise and support the membership and the Executive and
b) provide information related to resources, contacts, and other matters as needed.”

On behalf of the executive members of the PAC, I would like to thank Eric and Gary for their contributions to the PAC, and wish Jen, Alicia, and Eric the best of luck in their new roles.  Any members with questions about this transition are welcome to contact me in person, or at

Best regards,
HsingChi von Bergmann,
Chair, UHE-PAC Policy Committee
January 21, 2018


Direct Fundraising Appeal


For several years,  the UHill Elementary Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) has been raising money for the school through Direct Appeal.  The Direct Appeal approach allows parents to contribute money to the school directly instead of spending time and energy selling fundraising products door to door. Additionally, donors can request an official tax receipt from the Vancouver School Board (VSB) for their donation.

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Teacher and Staff Appreciation Lunch, Wednesday, June 7th

Hello Parents,

Food Donations – Please consider this a friendly reminder to sign-up to bring a homemade dish for our Teachers and Staff Appreciation Lunch next Wednesday, Jun 7th.  All food donations are welcome.

Volunteers Still Needed – If you are willing to volunteer your time on that day please provide your name and email address in one of the spaces allotted.

Fresh Flower Arrangements – If one of our parents has fresh flowers from their garden and would like to create flower arrangements for the Food Table and four round tables where staff sit, it would be greatly appreciated. Please provide your name and phone number in the space allotted on the attached Google document and on the day, please label your vase with your name.

For the sign-up google sheet, please click here

Thank you again for your support and for your contributions!

PAC – Appreciation Lunch Event Team

Childhood Anxiety Presentation – Reminder

All parents and community members are invited to join us this Thursday (May 25) for an evening talk on childhood anxiety by Bethany Michel.

Topic: Anxiety: helping parents/teachers understand anxiety and offering specific techniques to help children in their care
Where: Uhill Elementary library
When: Thursday 25th May, 6pm – 7.30pm
Who: Bethany Michel has a PhD in clinical psychology from Harvard University. Her dissertation focused on children’s beliefs about the malleability of their emotions and how this relates to depression, youth suicide and self-injury. Bethany has extensive research and clinical training in all of these areas.