Bike/Walk to School Week Starts Monday!

Hi UHill families,

Just a reminder that this coming week is bike (or walk or scooter or whatever other active transportation mode you choose!) to school week. This year, the event is being organized by Division one (thank you Div 1!) and they have asked us to share the following information with families:

Division One would like to tell you about our plans for Bike to School Week. From May 31st to June 4th,, we encourage University Hill students to bike or walk to school. There will be a table set up in front of the school before school, at both recesses, and both lunches (see schedule below). If you bike or walk to school during that week, we ask you to check in at the table and inform the Bike-to-School Committee members. They will ask you your grade and give you a sticker to place on our Primary or Intermediate tracking poster. This activity is to promote year-long healthy living and the reduction of emissions from our family cars. We look forward to seeing many of you on bikes next week!

            *Bike to School Check-in Schedule

                        8:45am to 8:55am

                        10:30am to 10:45am

                        10:50am to 11:05am

                        11:30am to 11:40am

                        12:15pm to 12:25pm

*If it looks very busy at the check-in desk, please come back at another time. We want to avoid having a crowd form around the table.

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