“Helping our kids get to and from school safely” An urgent call to attend a meeting on Monday Feb. 20th 2017

Hello parents,

As safety of the kids is our first priority, so please to consider attending this meeting. Below is a summary of Mrs. Nancy Brown’s message. She is a dedicated parent of 3 children attending U-Hill Elementary and Norma Rose. Hers are parts of her message to the community:
“On Monday February 6th, 2017,  our schools were adversely affected by the recent snow storm and lack of street and sidewalk plowing that occurred.

This letter is a call to members of “U-Hill Elementary and Norma Rose school” communities to assemble delegations that can represent our schools at the next University Endowment Lands (UEL) meeting on February 20th, to address this and other ongoing issues related to the poor quality of civic support for the schools in our neighbourhood.

The President of the CAC, Dave Forsyth has added an item on the next meeting agenda to address the snow clearing issue and has invited a delegation from each school to attend to address the CAC and UEL management directly and on the record. This is an opportunity for our community of voices to be clearly heard, on the record, for the need for improved relations with the UEL office and improved civic services to our schools.

The meeting will take place on Monday Feb. 20th 2017 in in suite 300, 5755 Dalhousie Road.  This is in the University Marketplace directly above Starbucks on Dalhousie.  If you are looking at the entrance to Starbucks, an elevator and stairs are on your right about 50 feet away.  The meeting starts at 6:00PM sharp. This item will be very early on the agenda”.

If you are interested to attend, please send your name, phone number, and email to:

amal_elnaggar@yahoo.com     or   lyzhangbdu@gmail.com

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