PAC Meeting Minutes May 2nd 2016

PAC Meeting Minutes

May 2nd, 2016, Rm 101, University Hill Elementary School

  1. Meeting called to order at 8:30am.
  1. Attendance:
  • Co-chairs: Amal El-Naggar
  • Secretary: Lingyun Zhang
  • Principal: Val Coopersmith
  • Teacher and Staff: Jorden, Keri and Kate
  • Special Speaker Series Coordinators; Angela Low and Kshamta Hunter
  • Class Parents

3. Motion to adopt Minutes of April 7th, 2016 meeting. Moved by Amal and seconded by Ling.

4. Principal’s Report (Val)

  • The Earth Day BBQ and Stream of Dreams went smoothly and got very positive feedback. Thanks for all the hard wok put in by school staff and parent volunteers.
  • Welcome to Kindergarten had a wonderful turnout of 64 families.
  • The floorball program is currently ongoing at the school.
  • On May 3rd, there would be activities organized for 3 year olds “ Ready-Set-Learn”.
  • The VSB budget approval has been delayed. The deadline for fixing the budget is June 30th.
  • Tuesday May 17th, there is a meeting scheduled at Magee Secondary School, 7:00pm, regarding the redesigned curriculum and Val is going with three U-hill parents (Amal EL-Naggar, Nancy Brown, and Lisa Colonna).
  • Regarding VSB online access, Jorden clarified that the Board approved the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy (and regulation) at their last Board meeting. There are guidelines being written to guide employees and students to do the right thing to be in compliance   with the policy and regulations.  There will be an implementation process schools will be directed to follow, this fall.
  • Calendar for the next three school years has been drafted. U-hill is doing all the PD days and school closure days as proposed by VSB.
  • On Sports Day May 19th, Dismissal is at 2pm. Pizza lunch can be ordered if the child is not enrolled in the hot lunch program. The deadline is Friday May 6th.
  • PAC workshop on internet safety went smoothly. Thanks for Angela, Kshamta and Jorden for organizing it.
  • The Earth day BBQ proceeds has been donated to the Owl Society. Thanks Kate for organizing this.
  • 50 Salmon have been released at Spanish Banks by Div 2 students. Thanks Melody and Jorden for the great efforts.
  • There will be a VSB wide Earthquake drill “the Big One at 2” on Thursday. Parents are encouraged to pick up their children at 2 from the big field and practice the procedures.
  • U-hill Lego Robotics Club placed 8th in the recent robotics competition in Chilliwack. Well done, Uhill team.
  • 4. Thanks to Aaron for setting up the U-hill Coding club. The club is started on April 28th. 50 applications were received and 20 was accepted. With 13 Kindergarten /Grade 1 kids.
  • 5. The grocery cards fund raising collected $22200 and $1700 is expected to be raised in this round.
  • 5. Liron and Aaron are going to set a survey on the current PAC.
  • 6. Next PAC meeting is June 9th, 2016 (Nomination, voting and transition to new PAC).
  • PAC__Meeting Minutes May 2nd, 2016

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