Stream of Dreams…..Tell about your fish !

Dear all,
It is our pleasure to announce completion of another successful project which has been recruited to our school community by PAC (Parent Advisory Council).
We have learned so many things about our creeks and streams and our kids had so much fun painting fish for our mural. Everyday, you will see and enjoy the fence of fish that our school community have painted and we will always remember to keep a clean and healthy environment for our families, friends, and other living creatures in our neighbourhood.. .
We are very grateful to all of the Volunteers, Parents,  our Teachers and Students, and the amazing team of Stream of Dreams (Louise and Meaghan) who all came together to make this project happen. Thank you all so much.
A big thank you to Randal for helping set up the tables and having patience with our fishes all over the school for the past week!
As Louise and Meaghan said, ‎”All drains lead to fish habitat”.
PAC Executive Team


Fish to the fence volunteer

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