Important message: Call for Parent Action and support- Tuesday, April 12th 7 pM at Van Tech

Dear colleagues,
As you will have seen, these proposed cuts to school libraries are the worst ever. If we all contact enough parents and friends and show up at the school board meeting on 
April 12 at 7 PM, we may be able to somehow lessen the cuts, especially since a little more money has just come from the province.

Carrie Bercic, the chairperson of Friends of the School Library (FOSL) will be speaking that night. VTLA had a meeting on April 4. Carrie attended that meeting and outlined the FOSL actions.

The idea is for each one of us to contact as many parents as we can. This should be done directly if possible – face-to-face, over the telephone, or individual emails. We need to do this in a sensitive way because school libraries are not the only things being cut and we cannot “compete against” services such as special-education, ESL etc. We can also encourage parents to advocate for the other services being cut.
When you contact a supportive parent, please forward the letter from FOSL, keeping the FOSL email address in the chain. That makes it clear that this is a parent initiative.

Please ask the parents to pass the FOSL letter on to as many parents/friends as possible. And please ask the parents to attend the meeting on April 12. There will be hundreds of people there and we are hoping to be numerous and conspicuous. We have thought it would be a good idea to identify school library supporters by wearing/carrying signs. Carrie will have some signs ready for us at the meeting on April 4.  Children attending are encouraged to bring a library book to read under the FOSL sign, like a reading flash mob.

Again, the meeting on April 12 is critically important. Please come and bring as many school library supporters as possible. The meeting is supposed to start at 7 PM. But so many people are anticipated that we think it a good idea to get there at 6 or 6:15 PM – and to carpool. FOSL is likely to be first on the agenda so it shouldn’t be too long an evening for the library supporters. 

May the force be with us!
V T L A exec

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