UHill PAC Mailing List Renewal March 10th

Hello UHill parents,

Thanks to an attentive (first-time!) parent who came to our last meeting on March 3rd, I was alerted to an issue with our PAC mailing system.  The issue has been resolved but it also triggered a need to update and renew our mailing list.  Please read the following carefully to minimize disruption:

  1. The best method of renewing the list is for us to remove all the existing subscribers (from the 2014/2015 year) and then re-import the updated list as we have been given by Corinna.
  2. By doing this we help those parents who’s children are no longer attending UHill and therefore do not want to receive the updates.  We also ensure that our mailing list does not grow beyond our ‘free plan’.
  3. We do risk losing connection of parents unintentionally.

This notice is to let you know that we will purge and re-import this coming Thursday, March 10th.  Once re-imported on Thursday, I will send another message.  If you do not receive this ‘test’ message by Friday, March 11th, please come to the our main page and subscribe using the link available.


Rob Peregoodoff                            UHill PAC Communications Coordinator

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