PAC meeting – Dec 10th, 2015 minutes

PAC Meeting Minutes Dec. 10, 2015, Rm 101, University Hill Elementary School

1. Meeting called to order at 8:30am.

2. Attendance:

 Co-chairs: Ofira Roll and Amal El-Naggar

 Secretaries: Lingyun Zhang

 Principal: Val Coopersmith

 Communications coordinator: Robert Peregoodoff

 Special speaker series coordinator: Angela Low and Kshamta Hunter

 YNC Committee: Nancy Brown

 Volunteer Coordinator: Saeed Nazari

 Chinese translator: Sylvia

 Teachers: Barry, Kate and Jordan

3. Motion to adopt Minutes of Nov 19th, 2015 meeting. Moved by Amal and seconded by Ofira.

4. Class parents have been assigned and will be acting as the bridge between PAC and the parents in communication school info and coordination volunteer activities.

5. Barry Wright proposed to collect school supplies for school aged Syrian Refugees. (This item is on hold due to a VSB notice).

6. Principal’s Report (Val)

 The peer helper program went well. Thanks to all the staff for the training.

 SOS Choir sang 5 songs at the Downtown German Market and had very positive feed back. The kids are on the Vancouver Sun front page on Dec. 10th.

 SOS family fair is on Dec. 10th, 5-7pm.

 This year the theme for Christmas concert is Polar Express. The concert will be on Dec. 17th at 1:30 and 6:30. Ofira recommended to do the concert earlier in December next year so that more students can participate.

 In Service Days for the new curriculum have been set on Mar. 4 and April 15.

 Report cards are going home on Friday Dec. 18th.

 Jordan updated the new technologies upgrade situation. There are last 5 classrooms that need to be upgraded and the cost is estimated at $20-25K including installation and training. Val said the school could come up with 10k and the rest needs PAC funding. This has been posted on PAC website for parents input and will be discussed in January with the budget proposal.

 Melody applied fro funding and got $1000 covered for the salmon chiller. The $1000 from PAC was returned to PAC and will be considered to lower the cost for students’ families when discussing the new budget in January.

7. Direct appeal is still getting more donations. Parents are encouraged to donate to school through direct appeal other than letting the students going door to door selling cookies or chocolates. The total collected will be available in January when Corina comes back from her sick leave.

8. Grocery cards program went well and a total of $1600 was raised for the school. Another round will be initiated around spring break time.

9. Special speaker series is well under way as planned.

10. Next PAC meeting will be on Jan 21st, 2016.

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