PAC meeting, Thursday – Nov 19th, 8:30-9:30am @ room #101



PAC@UHE Meeting Agenda
Thursday, Nov 19th , 2015 – 8:30am-9:30am
Location: Room 101

  1. Meeting called to order at 8:30am
  2. Attendance:
  • Current PAC members:
  1. Co-chairs: Ofira Roll and Amal El-Naggar
  2. Secretaries: Lingyun Zhang
  3. Treasurer: Oraz Hezretov
  • Principal: Valerie, Coopersmith
  • Teachers: Kate, Jordan, Keri.
  • Parents
  • Programs coordinators
  • Communications coordinator: Robert Peregoodoff and Barish Golland
  • Special speaker series coordinator: Angela Low and Kshamta Hunter
  • Volunteer coordinator: Saeed Narari
  • Gardening, YNC Committee: Nancy Brown and HsingChi von Bergmann
  • Traffic safety committee: Jens von Bergmann
  • Fundraising coordinator: Adriana Briseno and Lingyun Zhang
  • Playground improvement committee: Joe Dahmen and Kevin Giroux
  • Fruit and veggie program coordinator: Anna Dong
  • Chinese translator: Sylvia
  • School planning council (Rob, Angela, Kshamta)
  • Class Parents: Welcome!
  1. Motion to adopt Minutes of Oct 22nd meeting.
  2. Congratulation on successful program & event:

Project Chef, Usborne Book Fair! (Val, Jordan)

  1. Reports, Information Principal’s Report (Val)
  2. Items for Discussion:
    1. Grocery Card Program (updates, Ling)
    2. Direct appeal: (Updates, Ling and Oraz). Priorities will be published on our blog and parents inputs will be considered prior to any decisions (Class Parents communications).
    3. Stream of Dreams (Val: Staff support, funding). <;

4. Special speaker series (updates: Kshamta, Angela).

5. Wesbrook Community Centre presents JERSEY DAY – FLOOR HOCKEY!

  1. Business Arising

Items to be considered in 2015-2016 budget:

  1. School-wide teacher approved activities (updates: Val, Kate, Keri)
  2. School-Community Service projects {little playground (Kate); updates from teachers’ responses (Val)}.


Event Dates for the 2015-16 school year (Call for Parent Volunteers)

  • Terry Fox – September 18th, 2015 – date confirmed (Successfully done!)
  • Meet the teacher BBQ – September 23rd , 2015 – date confirmed (Successfully done!)
  • Direct Appeal- Oct, 2015 (ongoing)
  • Grocery card sales initiative – Nov, 2015 (almost done)
  • Earth Day BBQ – April 21st 2016
  • Volunteer Tea – previously April 29th (new date needed for 2016)
  • Sport Day – May 19th 2016
  • Jump Rope for Heart – May 27th 2016
  • Staff Appreciation Lunch – June 3rd 2016
  • Water Day – June 23rd 2016


Next PAC Meeting: Thursday, Dec 10th, 2015, 8:30-9:30am Room 101

You are welcome!

Dear parents,

We, in the PAC, are trying to do whatever we can to help the school and our children. There are several ways we can communicate information to you, and wanted to update you about these ways. Each class has a PAC contact and through him/her we can send you email updates about what’s happening at the school. If you wish to join the mailing list, please contact your PAC representative (Class Parents). We understand if you do not wish to join the mailing list, and we encourage you to visit our website and the school’s website to see updates, news and schedule.

Thank you

Class Parents List

Division 1: Nasrin: ; Fariba:


Division 2: Joanne Lu: ; Daisy Shu:


Division 03: Malena K.:


Division 4: Ali: ; Amal EL-Naggar:


Division 5: To be determined


Division 6: Angela Low:


Division 7: Dorthy Bortolussi:


Division 8: Tracey:


Division 9: Natalya Kargopoloza:


Division 10: Liora Gal:


Division 11: Kshamta


Division 12: Adriana Briseno


Division 13: Bethany


Division 14: Priya Kandhadai: ; Jen Bavli:



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