Next PAC Meeting October 22nd 8:30-9:30 in room 101

Hi all,

Hope to see you there!

Also, here is the list of the 2015/2016 PAC roles and the gracious volunteers who have agreed to help:

  • Co-Chairs:  Amal El-Naggar and Ofira Roll
  • Secretary: Lingyun Zhang
  • Treasurer: Oraz Hezretov
  • Communications coordinators: Robert Peregoodoff and Barish Golland
  • Special Speaker series coordinators: Angela Low and Kshamta Hunter
  • Volunteer coordinator: Saeed Narari
  • Gardening, YNC Committee: Nancy Brown and HsingChi von Bergmann
  • Traffic safety committee: Jens von Bergmann
  • Fundraising coordinator: Adriana Briseno and Lingyun Zhang
  • Playground improvement committee: Joe Dahmen and Kevin Giroux
  • Fruit and Veggie program coordinator: Anna Dong
  • Chinese translator: Sylvia Wang
  • School Planning Council: Angela

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