Grocery Cards Fundraising

As part of our fundraising this year, U-Hill is continuing with the Grocery Cards Program that allows us to raise money by shopping and pre-paying for our groceries.

Here’s how it works:
The PAC will purchase a bulk quantity of grocery cards from three participating grocery stores: Safeway, Save-On-Foods, and Choices Market. The stores will then immediately return a percentage of the total amount pre-purchased back to the school at the following rates:

Safeway 6 to 8%
Save-On-Foods 8%
Choices 10%

All you need to do is: a) decide how much money you plan to spend at these stores in the next 3 months and then, b) return the enclosed form along with a cheque made out to University Hill Elementary School PAC by Wednesday, November 6th. You’ll be notified when the grocery cards are ready for pick-up. You’ll be issued a gift card that works like a debit card for each of the stores that you order from.

While 8-10 percent of your grocery bill may seem like a modest sum, 10 percent of our collective bill would be a tremendous amount. Last year, we raised almost $3,600 for the school and the money was used to fund various PAC-sponsored activities. Imagine, for every $100 card that you buy, $8 will contribute to your children’s education, and you still get to spend that $100 card. We hope every family can participate. This is the easiest way for you to contribute.

A few details:
 The cards come in variable denominations but we would like to suggest $50 or $100 amounts to minimize paperwork.
 The cards have no expiration date.
 They are used (like debit cards) until there is no remaining balance, and can be used in any of their chain stores in Canada.
 Cheques and order forms are due Wednesday, November 6th, 2013 to your child’s teacher or in the PAC box in the front office.
 Your order will be ready for pick-up at the school office. An e-mail will be sent to those parents who provide an e-mail address and a note will be sent home to those without one.

 This program is available not only to U-Hill Staff and families but also to our friends and neighbours. Simply put your child’s name/division on the form and yourself as the U-Hill contact person and have your friends fill out the rest and write a cheque. If you have any questions, please contact Veronica D’Angelo at 604 733-2608 or

One other way you can help raise funds year-round for U-Hill (apart from this grocery cards program) is to order groceries on-line from Stong’s. It’s surprisingly easy and incredibly convenient for anyone who would like their groceries home-delivered. Simply go to and follow the instructions to select your items. Before purchasing your order, make sure you select “University Hill” under schools. 4% of the total will be paid back to our PAC group. There is a delivery fee for on-line orders.

Click here to download the Grocery Cards order form in English.

Also available here in Chinese.