2012 Direct Appeal

Welcome back to school and welcome to new parents and students. As many of you are aware, for the past five years we have been raising money for the school through a Direct Appeal. The Direct Appeal allows parents to raise money for the school without having to sell chocolates, or anything else, door to door. Additionally, donors can get an official tax receipt from the Vancouver School Board for your donation.

Once again, the PAC will be asking parents to donate money to the school. This year is especially important because of the recent funding cutbacks by the Ministry of Education. Last year, the PAC raised approximately $5,000 which was used to support items such as literacy resources, two classroom SMART boards, 10 iPads, and much more.

This year, the staff of University Hill have identified three major priorities requiring approximately $10 000.00. These include:

1. Technology Resources
2. Science, Arts, and Physical Education Resources
3. Literacy Resources

In addition, the PAC will be supporting other programs. These may include: field trip and JUMP math book subsidies, music resources, projectors, project chef, playground equipment, and band instruments.

Please consider giving a donation now. Donations can be sent with your child and given to his/her teacher, or can be handed in to the school’s main office anytime. There is no deadline and an on-going need for donations. If you cannot make a donation now but might like to donate at another time of year, please just download a copy of this form from the PAC website and use it when it is most convenient for you.

Thank you for your continued support!

Tim Dow, Denise Lauritano
PAC Co-Chairs

Attachment: Direct Appeal Donation Form