The Postcard Campaign

A group of parents have organized a postcard campaign for parents to add their name and message to our Minister of Education. The University Hill Elementary PAC has decided to participate in this campaign.  The postcard message is as follows:

We are Opposed to Education Cuts!

Our children deserve a well funded public education. They are the future of Canada. A balanced, well rounded education includes the arts, academics, athletics, special education and support programs. This produces thoughtful, intelligent, creative leaders and workers, resulting in a stronger Canadian economy.

Well Funded Public Education + Well Balanced Public Education = A Properous & Healthy Canada

We Are Worried – inadequate funding will result in school closures and cuts to school programs that parents depend on and value. These choices are not in the best interest of children. It’s all about them!

We need to invest in our children’s futures to build a stronger British Columbia and Canada