Lunch Program Survey

As of September 2010, University Hill Elementary will no longer offer a subsized School Meal Program (aka Lunch Program). In order for the Lunch Program to continue at UHill, parents must pay the full cost of the Lunch Program and we will need a minimum of 125 students to participate. The full cost of a daily lunch will be $3.70. The monthly cost will be adjusted to the number of days in the month. Currently, UHill has 2 staff that coordinates the Lunch Program. In order to keep our 2 staff, we need at least 200 students to participate.

It is very important for the school to know now how many students will be participating in the ‘Full Pay’ Lunch Program in Sept 2010. If you haven’t done so, you can still return your survey at the bottom of the ‘Notice of Change to the School Meal Program’. If you didn’t receive your ‘Notice of Change to the School Meal Program’, click here for a copy. (Please note that the survey part of the letter is not the same as the one from the school. But, it will still work.)