New Schools Update – a delay?

VSB announced on February 16, 2009 that they have delayed passage of the capital project bylaw for the new secondary and new elementary school at UBC/UEL pending approval from the Ministry Education. (

What does this mean?

VSB was advised by the Ministry of Education not to approve the bylaw until they have approval from the Ministry on the proposal they submitted at the end of January. VSB was hoping for an approval from the Ministry before the election is called. Once the election is called, the government will not be able to approve the new schools until the election is over and our new schools will be delayed at least another year, possibly longer if we have to start all over again with a new government.

We need this current government to commit and approve the new schools now. We have put up with overcrowding and shortage of space in our schools for more than 8 years. We need to tell the Vancouver School Board Trustees, our Education Minister, our MLA and Premier that we can’t wait any longer.

With the provincial election coming up, there is no better time to pressure our government to act now.

Please send them all an email! You can do so from this webpage: