Presentations to the Trustees Feb 12

Feb 12 was the last day of public meetings residents and parents were able to give their concerns and opinions on VSB’s current Educational Facilities Review proposal. The feedback received from all the public meetings, online survey form, emails, and letters will be reviewed and will determine whether or not the current proposal will be changed or remain as is for Trustees to cast their vote.

Although last night’s meeting was the last of the public forums for feedback, you can still submit your feedback via VSB’s online survey or email by Feb 15, 2008. If you like to submit a free-format comment, you can send your email to all of our Trustees or individually:,,,,,,,,

The delegate roster was, again, full last night. Among them were a UHill Elementary parent and a member of the UNA Schools Committee. I arrived late and missed the first 3 presentations. But, the highlights from the other presentations were:

  • Need for more French immersion space;
  • QEA children in French immersion will move 4 times;
  • The high number of children enrollment in Dunbar preschools can be an indicator of the number of children entering Kindergarten – perhaps an increased need for more student spaces in the future;
  • The Musquem band may lay claims on the QEA land when it comes up for sale;
  • Invest in inclusive programs; Don’t expand programs just because they are popular (French immersion);
  • It is the responsibility of the provincial government to fund school, not VSB.
  • No long term plan for possible enrolment growth in the Dunbar area;
  • Can’t consider closing a school based on its size; Want guidelines for closing a school;
  • Get together with UBC to find a solution to finance the new schools;
  • Say ‘No’ to the proposal to send a message to the province;
  • UBC sold land, created this problem for VSB leaving VSB with the burden to provide schools at UBC;
  • Against selling school assets for leased land;
  • Rezoning along Dunbar, 16th Ave, and 33rd Ave to townhomes, duplexes, and fourplexes will increase density and population of children in the Dunbar neighbourhood;

On the subject of the densification in Dunbar, only the growth along Dunbar from 16th Ave to 21th Ave are part of the Queen Elizabeth catchment. Possibly only the west side of Dunbar. The rest of Dunbar (both the east and west side) belong to either Kitchener or Kerrisdale. I strongly believe that VSB should address any increase in children population within the catchment they reside. Otherwise, those children will be in the situation ours are in.

On Feb 11, only 5 out of the 20 speakers were from UEL/UBC. On Feb 12, only 2 speakers out of 20 speakers were from UEL/UBC. There were also 3 presentations in total from Queen Elizabeth from both nights. So, as you can see, the voices of the QEA parents and Dunbar residents far out-number those from UEL/UBC. I have to urge you, once again, to take action to be heard. It isn’t too late. Letters by email or your commentary on VSB’s online feedback form are also very effective ways to be heard. But, you only have until this Friday, Feb 15, 2008 to do so.

Here are the Feb 12 presentations from UEL/UBC:

Lutz Lampe – UHill Elementary parent

Nancy Mahoney – UNA Schools Committee